I received many responses via email to yesterday’s WorldNetDaily.com column, “Sioux Tribe plans to scalp its own.” Some follow below; I’ll post more tomorrow.
Many respondents appear intent on carrying on the theme of yesterday’s piece – stupidity. I’m not surprised but have no patience for pro-aborts who will say anything to detract from a discussion of abortion.
In this case, I presented factual and I think compelling reasons why the Oglala Sioux should reject their president’s plan to place a Planned Parenthood in their midst, which will undoubtedly do more harm than good.
But instead of discussing abortion and genocide, some would rather discuss Custer and Bush… or even my “deranged” photo.
See page 2 for letters.

Born again idiot racist
YOU! Custer and his military asked for what they got. I suppose you would have been happy if the Lakota had laid down and allowed Custer free rein! You’re one of those “born-again” idiots who think people have no remorse and no feelings when it comes to abortion. Abortion is not an easy option, and very rarely is it the “partial birth” sort. You’re a racist and resort to the abortion issue to voice your views. Nothing changes.
Donna Delgadillo
What white men want
Thank you for this article, I agree with you. I am a native American woman and feel like this is exactly what the white man would want of native American people, to kill their own. And the horror of abortions, what is this woman thinking. I had respect for this woman until now, she lost any respect I had for her. Thank you again.
Dolly Wells
Mad at both of us
You got one thing right. Cecilia Fire Thunder is stupid. She claims to be a nurse in Cali, but there are no records to verify that claim. Cecilia does not represent the tribe, this is her own personal opinion. Tribal members do not donate land. Instead of attacking Indians you should attack the argument. You have pissed me off with your racist comments. I bet you wear your white sheets.
Stacy Swift Bird
Put it best
Great article, you have said it better than I’ve ever seen it put! Excellent!
Rob Jones
Insensitive, racist, disgusting, and wrong
As an enrolled member I found your story insensitive and racist. We are a soverign nation by law. If our president chooses to put a clinic on our reservation, that is our right to do. After reading your story I felt disgusted. I am emberassed for you not only as a writer but as a human being. And please get your facts straight Custer was not massacred by the Siouxl. He just got his ass kicked.
Michael Black Eyes
Never mind abortion, let’s talk about Custer
I must admit I have never had the opportunity until today to read your article. It was forwarded to me by someone who thought I might be interested in it and its contents. What a treat! I thought the KKK was only for illiterate morons. How utterly sad to find the same mind-set in someone who claims to be educated. Do you really believe the garbage you dispel to the world? If so, how do you live with yourself?
You really need to do some research before you start claiming that the Sioux nation was responsible for massacring Custer and his ilk. Custer was responsible for his own actions, as are you. There are two sides to every story and you are the “stupid” one for only reporting one. Shame on you and those like you who are so narrow- minded and “little” as to only tell one side of any story. It deeply saddens me to see this in America. Conservatives with blinders on who propagate this trash to the rest of America do more harm to our nation and tearing it apart than any terrorist ever had a chance to do.
I hope all of your evil verbiage comes back to haunt you!
Thanks for saying it as you see it
Thanks for telling it like it is. Bravo! May God bless you personally and all that you endeavor to do. May He continue to give you the strength, courage and wisdom to continue to speak out for the unborn.
Bill Goodwin
Etc., etc., etc., even though this is a waste of time
I am appalled that a woman as well traveled and educated as you seem to be would resort to making such racist statements as you did in this article.
Don’t you think it odd that it is called a massacre when Custer could be in command of adult men of fighting age and physical health and attack a village of Indian male and female of all ages and lose the fight; yet the 7th can bunch up unarmed, captured Indians, male and female of all ages, and mow them down with gating guns and be rewarded with congressional medals of honor?
I don’t understand, are you saying the Indians boxed themselves up on the reservations? How many baby scalps have you seen at Pine Ridge? Would you call a group of European decent who disagree with you “baby scalpers”? Are you forgetting it was the Europeans who offered a bounty for Indian scalps?
Why would you call Mr. Giago “chief”? I am sure he would not call you a “lady.”
My grandfather adopted three kids. My great uncle adopted two kids. My uncle and his wife adopted three kids with fetal alcohol and drug syndrome. Shortly thereafter his wife died of breast cancer. His sister helped
him with the kids until she died of brain cancer. My uncle kept those kids, and they are doing very well right now. Both you and Custer seem to have a similar trait, charging into battle while being misinformed.
These are my words and I will say no more. I have wasted enough time on you.
Doug Groh
Learn to recount
Before you go recounting Indian history, you should learn it!
Judy Bell
Sock it to you
Stupid, your editorial was way off the mark. For being such a Christian woman, what happened to love thy neighbor, forgiveness? You know the saying, ‘Until you walked a mile in my shoes”? I highly doubt you have even met a Native American or been to a reservation.
Why tout President Bush as a friend, as a friend to the Indian? He cut our budget, not only our BIA budget, but also our education monies, and our health monies, so our children are the ones hurt by this, we are not the ones killing ourselves. It’s your stupid Republican government, they don’t respect treaties (Ft. Laramie Treaty), they steal from our lands and ourmonies (Cobell lawsuit), and they simply don’t know about us, the first people of these lands. (Your wonderful President Bush’s response to, “What does tribal sovereignty mean?” Bush: “Uh, uh, it means you’re sovereign, you’re uh, uh, a sovereign entity…” He should have just answered “PASS!”
All Native Americans don’t believe in abortion, but we believe in a right, a right we don’t have, a right that as Native Americans we don’t want the government telling us what to do, we have been hearing this for 500 years.
Don’t comment on Native American Issues, because as a White Woman, you have no experience of our lives or how we live, and if you ever called me Chief in front of my face I would sock you in front of your kids and call you Whitey! What a bunch of bull crap, i feel sorry for your kids! By the way, I have my own radio show in Kansas City, and you can sure as heck know i am gonna be talking about your racist editorial.

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