As promised, although a couple days late, see more letters on my latest WND column, “Sioux tribe plans to scalp its own,” on page 2.

Required reading
A great fighter for the unborn in northeast South Dakota sent me your column lambasting the idiotic notion of starting abortion clinics on the Pine Ridge Reservation.
First off, it was well written and should be required reading in our schools. Please don’t hold your breath though, as we need you to breathe more life into our cause.
I am a freelance writer who had (for five years) the Monday editorial column in the Aberdeen American News, which is part of the recently sold Knight Ridder chain of newspapers. It was very liberal and eventually wore me down by continuously censoring columns against abortion and the culture war our once great nation is embroiled in.
What a thrill it was to read your attack on a previously protected “Sacred Cow” of American culture. I grew up watching the liberals destroy what little remained of the Sioux Nation.
Let me sign of with my thanks for your dedication, wit and voice.
Paul Jackson
As arrogant and conceited as Custer
In 1876 the Oglala, along with other bands of Lakota, and the Cheyenne, were victorious in the Battle of the Little Bighorn because General George Armstrong Custer was an arrogant, conceited, narrow minded dandy. After the
battle, the women of the Cheyenne encampment made their way around the dead soldiers and pierced their ears with sewing awls to help them here better in the next life.
It is rather apt that you use Custer in your diatribe, as you show the same level of arrogance and conceipt. If those women only knew how many more of your kind would not be able to hear.
Indians are living the American nightmare, as bestowed upon them by their colonizors. A whole segment of the population of the country a living, breathing, post traumatic stress entity.
You don’t live in the real world, lady, and your article is pretty disgusting in it’s references to a people who have suffered more crap than you could ever imagine. They have the right to choose. You don’t have the right to impose your ideals on anyone but your own.
Redwood 3110
The Indian way?
I would llike to commend you on your fine article on the prospect of abortion clinics to be opened on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. I know you had many more talking points to write about, but space was limited.
Several years ago, I visited with an Indian (now deceased) from the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation, Eagle Butte, SD. He told me Indians are against abortion, “it is not the Indian way,” because the children are great gifts and are their legacy, to carry on their traditions.
Now that they are killing their potential leaders, elders, and educators, who is to carry it on? In many cases the Indians do not want white people to adopt the children for fear they will loose their identy, their traditions and ancestory. They will not need the whites to kill them all off. They are doing that themselves. Ms. Fire Thunder must not believe in “the Indian way.”
Thank you for your interest and keep up your good work.
Linda Velder
Horribly racist
I read your column today and was so hurt mere words cannot express the pain you caused me as an Indian person. I am personally opposed to abortion, but do suppport women who want to be free to make their own
choices. Including the choice to write the horribly racist column you published today.
Every stereotype that I work to get rid of, you used in your column. You should know that I have been Indian for all of my 54 years and have never met a single Indian woman who wants to have an abortion. But the majority of those Indian women would support a woman’s right to choose.
You are so filled with hate that it spills over into your column. Even when you try to be supportive of Indian people, you end up spewing your racism over into a people who would go out of their way to help you.
Please, stop trying to help Indians and crawl back into your hate filled world and leave us alone.
Johnny P. Flynn PhD
ndeh nishnabe podwewadmi ewi chigwe dodem (my tribe and clan)
Native American killer angel
Sounds like the “Killer Angel” Margaret Sanger’s eugenics strategy–sell the leadership on abortion for a group marked for genocide.
John Russell
Still captive
Thank you for your column. I think I see some logic in the Indian Chief’s flaw. The Indian Chief may think that since something makes conservatives angry, it must be good. Maybe the Indian Chief is a captive to left leaning political
Neil Black
Long-term prospects reassuring
As a Christian and church youth leader and Sunday school teacher for the past 14 years, I am totally dismayed at the direction our society is heading. We live in a post-Christian society where paganism is on the rise. While we must fight the good fight no matter what, I believe that things will get much worse before they get better. They probably won’t get better until Jesus returns (maybe soon).
If this ‘chief’ in South Dakota and the rest of her pro-murder ilk stayed to themselves and were left to their own devices, they would eventually die out from gross stupidity and self annihilation. Unfortunately for us, they have two things in their favor in the short term: all people are born sinners, and abortionists are evangelical with their murderous doctrines. Of course, we have God and His Word on our side, so I kind of like our situation long term, don’t you?
Henry Frickel
Watch your own scalp
I read your column on the Oglala Sioux issue with horror. I am pro-life, but I also live here on the
reservation. I have never read, in contemporary times, a more ignorant, racist, or altogether vicious
editorial. You should be ashamed of yourself. You managed to include nearly every single stereotype
against Native people.
I will never again support pro-life issues, either financially or by word of mouth. It is a shame that the democracy of the internet gave ignorant bloggers like you the ability to bring your worthless opinions to a wider audience.
You are no political commentator. You are just a white trash bitch with a big mouth. And you had better stay
far away from Pine Ridge, or I know plenty of people who will personally make sure that your bloody scalp
is ripped from your ugly head.
Peter Hill
What if my adopted had been aborted?
I am the adoptive mother of 5 (in the middle of adopting number 6) children in South Dakota. I cried the whole way through your article on the possible abortion clinic on Pine Ridge reservation. Three of my children are from Pine Ridge reservation originally. I think of what gifts they are and what could have happened if abortion was more readily available to their mothers at the time.
I have been a foster mom for over 5 years and fostered 55 children many of them Native American and all with handicaps. They are all amazing and ALL deserved life.
I stood outside in the cold at our Pro-Life Rally here in Rapid City and watched as we absolutely outnumbered the pro-choicers (many of whom had to be flown in from outside South Dakota). I watched as people yelled that we could stand there and judge but where were we when they had to take care of their burdens? Well I am right here and since I do not ever view a child as a burden, no matter their handicap, those people can call me up anytime.
My husband is part Native American and he is shocked at this whole debate on the reservation. In tradition a child’s life was sacred, as was all family and if people were still walking in the traditional way there would be no crime against a family member.
I just thank you for your words of wisdom and for fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves.
Nora Boesem
Who’s the savage?
Shame on you. Racism is learned. I am Lakota and your scalping statement is not acceptable. You are branded now as a racist. Use common sense, after all, you are civilized are you not? And you called us the savage.
Wrong focus on plight
It seems the Tribe has been convinced that victimization justifies more victimization.
Perhaps if the Tribe will come out with their underlying argument….we are so poor we can’t afford more babies…and the clinic will be a revenue source (will it?), perhaps some attention to their poverty plight could turn this situation around. This publicity could help the Tribe out in the long run.
Judge not
The Sioux “massacred” Custer? He attacked the Sioux on THEIR land in the hopes of stealing their land and gold. In response, the US government attacked over 300 unarmed, mostly women and children, and called it “The Battle of Wounded Knee.” Our government still carries a victory flag in the Color Guard for killing these starving women and children! Get your facts straight!
I worked at Christ Hospital for a total of 13 years – 10 in pediatrics, 3 in administration.
I’m willing to bet you have NEVER sat down and listened to the individual stories of the women who CHOSE this procedure, as I have.
I’m willing to bet you have NEVER been forced at a very young age to give birth to your father’s or grandfather’s baby.
I’m willing to bet you have NEVER been forced to carry and give birth to a child with only a brainstem for a head.
I’m willing to bet you have NEVER been forced to give away your child to strangers because you can’t even afford to feed herself.
I’m willing to bet you have NEVER been forced to give up your dreams of furthering your education and providing for the family you already have because you took antibiotics while on birth control pills.
My ex-husband wanted me to have an abortion – I’m very much pro-choice. He was really surprised when I chose to abort him instead. I weighed the pros and cons and decided I could do it without his support. As a result, we’ve maintained a good relationship. He may not have supported my son financially or emotionally back then, but he’s an ex-Navy man and fully supports my son now – when my son needs all the support he can get, and they’ve resolved their issues.
There has NEVER been a day that I’ve regretted my decision, but it could have turned out differently. If I had been forced to have my baby, it’s possible I would have resented him or given him away for adoption – leaving me to wonder about the welfare of my child the rest of my life.
My best friend became pregnant by surprise. She was in Stage 4 of Hodgkin’s disease and told she was sterile after all the radiation/chemo – told not to take birth control pills.
The Catholic hospital (Mercy) discovered her pregnancy during a scan, told her to have an abortion because it threatened her life, then dumped her out on the street because they don’t perform abortions.
I found a facility for her to have the procedure performed. She cried all the way there because she had always wanted to be a mother, but knew her life was in danger.
We arrived at the facility to find a bunch of protesters calling us murderers and trying to prevent us from entering the building. My friend broke down completely, so we turned around and headed back to my car. The protestors cheered with joy at their so-called “victory.”
But she still needed the procedure, so I talked with an OB/Gyn doc I knew at Christ hospital. He understood and agreed to perform the procedure.
On the day of the procedure, she was kept waiting in the hall for HOURS. Support staff would pass by and my friend overheard them saying she was just another “public aid case looking for an abortion” and giving her looks as if she were a slut. They didn’t know the man she slept with desperately wanted to marry her and keep her alive. They didn’t realize she was on public aid because she was suffering from CANCER.
At the time, they told her she was in remission with her Hodgkin’s disease – but she died 4 months later. I blame the “right-to-lifers” for this because she lost her fighting spirit after this event. They had NO RIGHT to judge my friend!
Kathy Miranda

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