How quickly she forgets
From oral arguments during the Partial Birth Abortion Ban hearing, November 8:

Justice Ginsberg: “But up until now, all regulation on access to abortion has been state regulation and this measure is saying to the states, like it or not, the Federal Government is going to ban a particular practice and we are going to take away the choice from the states, in an area where up until now it’s, it’s been open to the states to make those decisions. How should that weigh in this case? And it is something new.”
Justice Scalia: “The best example where government has gotten involved in overriding what the states want to do is Casey. It seems rather odd for this Court to be concerned about stepping on the toes of the states.”

Created to abort
foot.jpgFrom the Argus Leader, November 4, about South Dakota’s Oglala Sioux Tribe impeached president Cecilia Fire Thunder, who lost her job earlier this year after she vowed to open an abortion mill on her reservation should the abortion ban pass:

Fire Thunder said the loss of her tribal office was like a shower of gasoline on the abortion ban blaze, and she’s been speaking nationally about the controversy in South Dakota.
“An Indian woman at Pine Ridge created a national discussion on women’s choices. Is that exciting or what?” Fire Thunder said.
“I love it. That’s why the creator put me on earth.”

Thanks for the advice
From the Associated Press, November 9:

South Dakota legislators had passed the law in expectation that it would trigger a court challenge and lead to a possible Supreme Court reversal of the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision establishing a constitutional right to abortion. Abortion-rights leaders said yesterday that such strategies should be abandoned.

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