7 thoughts on “Six degrees of abortionists”

  1. Leah, it’s just an illustration of the “six degrees of separation” theory, that holds that any two people in the world are connected by six or fewer connections.

  2. Duh! Took me a second to get this —
    There is a conflict of interest between the medical examiner’s office and the abortionist who is accused of performing illegal third-trimester abortions and allowing live-born infants to die.
    Might this be why the autopsies on all these babies are always inconclusive? Well, DUH!

  3. Hi Christina,
    Rowan was autopsied in Orange County. Broward County is in the Ft. Lauderdale area.
    But one wonders about the influence of Broward County father Coroner Perper re: murder investigations of Orange County son Abortionist Perper upon which autopsies hinge.
    And continuing on the six-degrees theme, the city of Miramar is in Broward County, which is home to one of the abortion mills owned by Belkis Gonzalez, who pro-lifers down there have had a dastardly time getting arrested despite her sliminess.
    Gonzalez owns the Hialeah clinic, where a baby was aborted alive and killed last year and then placed on the roof of the mill in a biohazard bag for 9 days to hide him from authorities.

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