This great story was just sent to me by reader Monica, originally reported Feb. 4 by Florida’s KLTV

Jennifer and Taylor White had been married for several years when they decided to add children to their family. A first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. Then last March, Jennifer became pregnant again.
Just as the critical first six weeks approached a blood sample tested positive for spinal bifida. They headed straight to Dallas to a specialist who said that test was negative…but
kltv3.jpg“He told us, there was no amniotic fluid,” says Taylor White. “And this was our first ultra sound of the pregnancy, this was our first time to even see…and there was no amniotic fluid, no kidneys of course because there was no amniotic fluid….

“He told us then,” says Jennifer White, “if I were you I would go home and pray, because it really doesn’t look good.”
The Whites had to another two weeks for final confirmation. 14 days later the news wasn’t any better.
“I’m almost certain your baby has no chance of living,” Taylor remembering what the specialist said. “In fact he used the word zilch, zilch chance. There is no amniotic fluid, there is not a genetic reason to explain this, it just happens. You can either terminate the pregnancy now or you can go through the pregnancy…and the baby will probably be still born or be born alive and die a couple of hours after being born”….”We decided,” said Jennifer, “that we thought that was the best option, was to go ahead and induce early. I mean I would have a normal delivery you know and what understood the outcome would be the same, the baby was not going to make it either way. For me I could not imagine carry this baby for to full term.”
That early delivery would have happened at Tyler’s Trinity Mother Frances Hospital. But because it was so early in the pregnancy, the hospital’s ethics committee said no….
“By that point,” remembers Taylor, “our prayer was more, initially, or first reaction was to pray to God to help us make it through it. To comfort us. Shortly after that our mind changed and we said God we know you have the power to change this, and we’re putting this in Your hands.”
Regular sonograms for the next six months still showed no amniotic fluid. An inducement was scheduled six weeks before the due date. One last sonogram indicated something had changed. The Whites headed straight to their specialist in Dallas.
“His face just dropped,” remembers Taylor, “just with amazement said I can’t explain it. There is no other explanation than God just performed a miracle. There is a normal amount of amniotic fluid at this point he saw possibly one kidney. He said this is a perfectly healthy baby. There should be..they should have deformities, they should have not developed lungs and none of that was an issue at this point. When God performs a miracle he doesn’t do it half way”….
Almost nine months after their ordeal began, little Amelia Faith White was born. A blessing for her parents. And a testimony they say to the power of prayer….

See KLTV’s video of baby, parents, and entire amazing story here.

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