teenwire.gifThe March 30 question of the day on Planned Parenthood’s TeenWire website was this:

I had an abortion a little over a month ago and now I’m pregnant again. What are the risks of having a second abortion?

PP’s answer?

The risks for the second abortion are generally the same as for the first, if they are both performed at the same stage of pregnancy. There is no evidence that having more than one abortion causes any health problems.

Really? Where to begin….

First, here we see an example that comprehensive sex ed fails. In fact, according to a November 2006 Guttmacher (PP’s research arm) study, 1/2 of abortions are repeats.
Not that PP minds, but there is no excuse. Without a doubt the “family planning” industry has had face time with the mother before and after her first abortion to teach and equip her for supposed safe sex.
But, in fact, according to the Guttmacher report, “statistical models demonstrated that repeat abortions would occur even among populations with high levels of contraceptive use, due to the fact that pregnancies occur even when contraceptives are used.”
nuclear.jpgWhy doesn’t MSM shout this out? Because MSM is liberal, and the goal of liberals is to live a hedonistic life without consequences.
Second, repeat abortions don’t cause health problems? Perhaps if one’s definition of “health problem” is solely nuclear attack. Otherwise health problems can be catastrophic, particularly if one ever wants a pregnancy to end with a live birth. In that case, repeat abortions can cause ectopic pregnancy, premature delivery, low birth weight, miscarriage, and infertility.
lobotomy2.jpgRepeat abortions would also not cause health problems if one has had a lobotomy. Otherwise, according to a study in Family Planning Perspectives, now published by Guttmacher, repeat abortions are associated with lowered self esteem, a conscious or unconscious desire for a replacement pregnancy, and increased sexual activity post-abortion.
That study also found – duh – repeat abortions may be associated with continued pressures to abort, like threats of abandonment by the new male partner. Note the word “new.” That’s because most relationships end after abortion.