christ.jpgI’ve been following the status of mainline liberal church denominations ever since I was naive enough to think the hospital where I worked, Christ Hospital, would not commit abortions because it was affiliated with two Christian church denominations, the United Church of Christ and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.
This was eight years ago, before I was a pro-life activist. I had no idea there was such a thing as a pro-abortion Christian church denomination, which these two are.
obama.jpgMy situation was aggravated when the sole state senator speaking against the IL Born Alive Infant Protection Act, legislation to halt aborting babies alive at Christ Hospital and in IL, was Barack Obama, a member of nearby Trinity United Church of Christ.
Since then, I’ve felt somewhat vindicated to read that liberal church groups are losing members in droves, while evangelical churches have been growing wildly.
So I read this today with interest, in April Citizen….

The financially troubled National Council of Churches is selling out its biblical roots for money from secular foundations bent on using it to forward a liberal agenda, according to a report by The Institute on Religion and Democracy.
ncc.jpgJohn Lomperis and Alan Wisdom, the report’s authors, said for decades the NCC was supported by member denominations – but not anymore. “What was founded as a body comprised of churches seeking to come together in Christian unity,” Wisdom said, “has become a political-action committee that’s not a creature of the churches anymore.”
The NCC was founded in 1950 and claims more than 50 “faith groups” are members, including the Episcopal Church USA, The United Methodist Church, The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), the United Church of Christ and the Presbyterian Church USA….
“What’s happened now,” Wisdom said, “is that those churches – and particularly the liberal elites in those churches – have become so weakened that they can no longer bear the financial load of the NCC…. Gradually, we were able to get our hands on some documents that were distributed at NCC meetings that showed how the council was being saved.”…
The trail led to millions of dollars in grants from Left-leaning organizations such as the Sierra Club, the Tides Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund – organizations bent on promoting abortion, same-sex marriage and other liberal issues.
Dr. Janice Crouse, senior fellow at Concerned Women for America’s Beverly LaHaye Institute, offered a strong warning.
“When you cloak all of those cultural concerns and Left-wing agenda items with the cloak of religion and with the mainstream churches, then you are giving them a stamp of approval that they should not have,” she said. “Most of the religious Left is arguing for positions that are not based in the Scripture.”…

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