Following up on my May 1 post indicating Republicans at a House Subcommittee on Health planned that day to broach the topic of post-abortion depression during a hearing on post-partum depression, CQ Healtheat News reported:

Democrats clashed with Republicans at a House hearing Tuesday over the injection of the abortion issue into discussion of a long-pending bill to counter postpartum depression….

[Bill sponsor IL Dem. Bobby] Rush … said the legislation is needed because each year, 400,000 women suffer from mood changes after they give birth, ranging from “the baby blues,” to incapacitating postpartum depression to postpartum psychosis, which he said strikes one in 1,000 new mothers….
Republican Nathan Deal of Georgia… added that more should be known about all aspects of depression resulting from the termination of a pregnancy.
discussion post-abortion depressionDeal’s reference to abortion triggered a rebuke from Colorado Democrat Diana DeGette [photo right], who called the reference “offensive.” She said she’d be glad to debate the abortion rights issue on its own merits, but not at Tuesday’s hearing.
DeGette said established medical professional groups have not recognized post-abortion depression as a clinical condition. American women have waited far too long for action on postpartum depression to have the hearing on the issue diverted into “political theatre, she added.
DeGette’s use of the term “offensive” brought a rare flash of anger from the by then grim-faced Deal, who asked DeGette whether she would yield. “I will not,” DeGette declared….
Deal later defended his reference to abortion by noting witness testimony concerning instances of depression following the abortion procedure.

Objectively speaking, how is broaching the topic of post-abortion depression “offensive”? If it indeed exists, pro-aborts like DeGette are making matters worse by labeling it so and also by insinuating such feelings do not exist, and are invalid if they do.
DeGette was also unconscionably insensitive to the witness present to testify about her incapacitating post-abortion depression.

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