Today in Washington there will be a hearing in the House Subcommittee on Health on post-partum depression.
post-abortion depression helpIL Democrat Rep. Bobby Rush will introduce noncontroversial legislation that directs the National Institutes of Health to expand research into post-partum depression and the Dept. of Health & Human Services to make grants for services for women with post-partum depression and their families.
Now wouldn’t common sense dictate that if there is such a malady as post-partum depression there must be such a malady as post-abortion depression?
Yet post-abortion depression goes widely unrecognized – even disparaged – and untreated.
Realizing the lack of information available on post-abortion depression, Republicans have chosen to use their opportunity today to call witnesses to discuss post-abortion depression. Bravo….

They will be Michaelene Fredenburg and Dr. Priscilla Coleman. Michaelene will speak as a post-abortive woman whose mental health was severely impacted afterward. Dr. Coleman of Bowling Green State University will give testimony on the existing research regarding post-abortion depression.
Republicans will also introduce the Post-Abortion Depression Research and Care Act. This bill provides $15 million to the NIH to research the emotional impact of abortion on women and creates a $1.5 million grant program to fund the development of treatment programs for women who suffer from post-abortion depression.
Are there pro-aborts who believe post-partum depression exists but not post-abortion depression? Would you even battle research into post-abortion depression? If so, why?

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