notches.jpgYesterday pro-abort blogger debitage criticized pro-life columnist Kathryn Lopez for criticizing Planned Parenthood for, among other things, recommending a do-over to a girl pregnant again only four weeks after aborting.
Debitage thought Lopez was “punishing women for failing to stay chaste” for asking why PP didn’t recommend adoption or other abortion alternatives. After debitage falsely asserted “Lopez can sort of see how someone might think it’s OK to get an abortion if you’re a good girl who made one mistake,” she concluded:

But if you’re a little slut who went and got pregnant a second time – well, you had your chance, now you’ve made your bed and you’ll have to lie in it. Someone who’s genuniely pro-life or pro-choice wouldn’t care how many times, or how closely spaced, a person’s abortions are. Either abortion is murder and so every abortion is equally bad, or abortion is just fine and so it’s fine to get one on your first or hundred and first pregnancy. But to a person with a puritanical view of sex, the mother’s “number” is a critical piece of information in deciding whether she’s a good girl who can be cut some slack or a bad girl who needs to face the consequences.

As a matter of fact, my read of abortion proponents is they become less forgiving as the abortion notches on one’s loose chastity belt accrue. Yes? No?
I agree with debitage that if one is truly pro-choice, the count shouldn’t matter.