If those advocating comprehensive sex ed heard abstinence education devotees were holding a fundraiser with singing nuns for entertainment, they’d say, “It figures.”
michelle4.jpgWell, that’s what I say about the June 7 Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health’s fundraiser. It figures.
This adults only “Indulgence” peep show will feature a “neo-burlesque performance” by Miss Exotic World 2005 Michelle L’amour (pictured right) and special guest Debby Herbenick, Time Out Chicago’s “In and Out” sex columnist.
The venue, “liquor spa” Stone Lotus, actually looks very cool, certainly a step up from ICAH’s “Forbidden” fundraiser venue last year, Playboy headquarters with special guest Christie Hefner.
In ICAH’s coalition are the ACLU and Planned Parenthood, surprise. And they’re not hiding their hedonistic agenda when playing to their own crowd: “Indulgence”? “Forbidden”?
Fact is, comprehensive sex ed is crucial to the savvy circle of sex that yields PP nearly $1 billion annually.
Here’s how it works: PP gets government funding to titilate our children through often vulgar “sex education”; during that education PP literally gives children directions to the nearest PP; PP then sells them contraceptives in all forms; then it sells them STD testing and treatment; and whoops, when the contraceptives fail PP them sells abortion; then it starts the savvy cycle over again. Such a sex racket.
[Hat tip: John at Generations for Life]