Pro-lifers opposing the Partial Birth Abortion Ban say it will force abortionists to commit more torturous abortions, and this may be true.
Whereas the PBA Ban prohibits breech abortions of babies delivered past the navel and head-first abortions of babies delivered past the chin, some pro-lifers say abortionists will now simply deliver a baby’s legs and rip them off before proceeding, or deliver the baby almost to the navel and disembowel the baby, etc..
However, the very pro-lifers making this argument oppose fetal pain legislation, so their argument is disengenuous. Stated Brian Rohrbaugh, president of Colorado Right to Life, in an interview

[O]ur position, as a board, is that we will never support any law that ends with “and then you can kill the baby.” That includes every type of law that would regulate abortion. So anything that allows for the abortion after you meet these certain conditions is inherently evil. It goes against God’s command of Thou Shalt Not Murder.
We took that position on the Informed [Fetal] Pain Consent… bill…. What was wrong with that bill is it’s very good to warn women that their child is going to suffer intense pain. But its evil to offer a solution and then to allow the abortion to continue, so if that bill would of just said, “You must notify women if they have an abortion, their baby is going to be tormented and tortured to death,” we would not have opposed the law.
But when you offer a solution you make abortion more humane, more palatable, you ease the conscience of society and of the mother and you undoubtedly will increase abortion by doing so.

I can only call it ruthless to purposefully withhold pain relief from someone you know is about to be tortured to death, which you can’t stop.
preemiex.jpgEven the Roman soldiers killing Jesus demonstrated some semblance of compassion by offering Him wine vinegar.
And to say offering fetal pain relief would “undoubtedly… increase abortion” is 180 degrees wrong, IMO. Rather, how many mothers would stop their abortions if their abortionist were mandated to offer pain relief for the baby they were about to kill?
Bottom line: Don’t complain about the torturous side effects of the PBA Ban if you don’t support fetal pain legislation.
[Photo is of premature baby. Doctors now routinely provide pain relief to preemies born the same age as those aborted.]

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