Pro-lifers have had numerous heated exchanges on this blog and in print and radio about the Supreme Court’s Partial-Birth Abortion Ban decision, lifting the lid on familial differences of opinion on how to win the war against abortion. Accusations by pro-lifers against the ban are still quite fierce. You can catch up on the conversation by scanning blog posts here.
As one of those called “duped” by the ban, Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life has weighed in with his thoughts on his blog, where you can read why he thinks the ban is good.
glass.jpgAs for the in-fighting, Pavone noted some pro-lifers will always complain:

This important victory has also taught us how our movement handles victory. Some segments of our movement have been bitterly divided in the wake of this decision. Some groups have complained about how other groups have exaggerated the significance of the decision. Some leaders have warned that because no state can legitimize even a single abortion, it is quite wrong to be happy about a decision that still leaves abortion legal, with just the slightest modifications needed in a single procedure.
Of course, even when Roe vs. Wade is reversed and the legality of abortion is determined state by state, the same argument will be made. Abortion will still be legal in most places, and one will still have to say that no state can legitimize even a single abortion. But to fail to see at that moment that progress will have been made will be as much of a mistake as it is to fail to see the progress made now. In short, we should never exaggerate our progress, and neither should we fail to recognize it.

[Hat tip: Reader Carder]

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