helen nameplate.jpgCrotchety, 86-year-old liberal journalist Helen Thomas is completely undeserving of her front row seat in the White House press room. Some elders don’t deserve respect. She recently spoke at a Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa fundraiser.
Reported Lynda Waddington of Helen’s speech at RH (Reproductive Health) Reality Check today:

“It seems the present conservative [U.S. Supreme] Court is targeting Roe v. Wade and there’s not much you can do about it unless Congress is willing to deal with these touchy subjects,” she said. “Without pressure, I doubt they will.”…
Thomas also admits that when she was originally told the conservatives’ plans for the court, she didn’t fully understand the implications.
“People were saying during the [Ronald] Reagan administration that this was about the Supreme Court,” she said. “I wasn’t sure at that time what they meant. But the truth is that the court is their one last resort to push their agenda. It is their one last resort to prevail.”…
“Let’s return to the true ideals of the Bill of Rights,” she said. “The issue is not the right to live. The issue is the kind of life. The issue is freedom without government or outside interference.”

helen thomas.jpgWe’re pushing our agenda through the courts?
The issue is not the right to life but the kind of life? What goes around comes around, Helen. In that circle of life, you’re a little too close to a time when you’re going to be as helpless as those preborns you advocate killing. And by “kind of life,” you must mean one’s caregiver?
The New York Times reported July 17 that while the number of baby boomer elderly people is increasing, “the number of doctors trained in geriatric medicine is declining.” Wonder why.
The first question elderly people seeking medical treatment should be asked is if they are pro-life or pro-choice. If they answer the latter, they should be moved to the back of the line.
[Hat tip: Reader jasper; photo of Helen’s nameplate from front row center of the new White House news room was taken by me last week.]