frontline.gifReader Sarah from the UK sent me a link to a 1983 PBS Frontline episode entitled, “Abortion Clinic.” I was previously unaware of it (am I alone?) and viewed it Saturday, finding it deeply disturbing yet remarkable. It has not been far from the front of my mind since. I’m angry all over again. Abortion is so incredibly vile.

“Abortion Clinic”
won the Emmy in 1983 for Outstanding Background/Analysis of a Single Current Story.
Frontline made “Abortion Clinic” available online for its 20th anniversary in 2003, saying, “Two decades later, it remains one of the most powerful stories Frontline has ever told.”

“Abortion Clinic”
was filmed in Chester, PA, a small industrial town south of Philadelphia that had a 30% unemployment rate at the time, according to Frontline.
The mill is the Reproductive Health and Counseling Center, located then in the former library of Crozer Seminary. (Crozer was an American Baptist Church school, a pro-abortion demonination, which explains the sale approval. Noteworthy is that Martin Luther King, Jr., graduated from Crozer.)
Made 24 years ago, “Abortion Clinic” is not something I think could be filmed today. Clincs have clammed up, as have pregnant mothers, as has the mainstream media.
There are six chapters to this episode, all which I recommend viewing.
What you will see in this segment is the abortion of Barbara – everything but the blood and guts. It was distressing to know I was watching a child being killed. It was distressing to juxtapose the mother’s obvious emotional trauma with pro-aborts who deny abortion is psychologically damaging. The sound of the suction machine was even distressing.
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The next video clip is of Helen’s abortion, this one complete with some blood and guts. Note the assistant keeps the suction cannister covered while in the room. Note the fleeting glimpse of complete little body parts.