pp%20aurora.jpgThe Aurora Beacon News cut-and-pasted a Planned Parenthood press release and called it a news article yesterday. The velocity of the spin was equal to an F5 tornado.
(ABN is part of the Sun-Times News Group, which announced in an editorial last month it was “returning to our liberal, working-class roots…”)
But we learned from ABN the 22,000 sq. ft. Aurora mill “will be Planned Parenthood’s largest health center.”
(That said, I’m not sure ABN can adequately assess scale, because we also learned that hundreds of pro-life protesters are actually “a handful.”)
But in the no-spin zone, Eric Scheidler of Pro-Life Action League reported that PP should be investigated for fraud. In an email update yesterday, Eric wrote….

The evidence is clear that Planned Parenthood lied their way into Aurora. They created a front company, Gemini Development Corp., and stated on their permit documents that the intended tenant of the building was “unknown.”
Representatives of “Gemini” even sat there as Aldermen spoke in committee about how it would be great for the neighborhood to have a nice quiet medical office, rather than a busy strip mall. Yet Gemini knew full well they were bringing in an abortuary – a lightening rod of controversy!

Eric asked Aurora residents to call on the mayor and aldermen to investigate this fraud. Contact info is on Monday’s post.
Eric also requested we personally invite three people to attend this Saturday’s rally. I have done that and snagged one friend to join me (chauffeuring me in her red T-bird convertible, not that I love her for that). Won’t you?
[Photo courtesy of Sun-Times News Group]