Aurora Planned Parenthood mill: largest in US

pp%20aurora.jpgThe Aurora Beacon News cut-and-pasted a Planned Parenthood press release and called it a news article yesterday. The velocity of the spin was equal to an F5 tornado.
(ABN is part of the Sun-Times News Group, which announced in an editorial last month it was “returning to our liberal, working-class roots…”)
But we learned from ABN the 22,000 sq. ft. Aurora mill “will be Planned Parenthood’s largest health center.”
(That said, I’m not sure ABN can adequately assess scale, because we also learned that hundreds of pro-life protesters are actually “a handful.”)
But in the no-spin zone, Eric Scheidler of Pro-Life Action League reported that PP should be investigated for fraud. In an email update yesterday, Eric wrote….

The evidence is clear that Planned Parenthood lied their way into Aurora. They created a front company, Gemini Development Corp., and stated on their permit documents that the intended tenant of the building was “unknown.”
Representatives of “Gemini” even sat there as Aldermen spoke in committee about how it would be great for the neighborhood to have a nice quiet medical office, rather than a busy strip mall. Yet Gemini knew full well they were bringing in an abortuary – a lightening rod of controversy!

Eric asked Aurora residents to call on the mayor and aldermen to investigate this fraud. Contact info is on Monday’s post.
Eric also requested we personally invite three people to attend this Saturday’s rally. I have done that and snagged one friend to join me (chauffeuring me in her red T-bird convertible, not that I love her for that). Won’t you?
[Photo courtesy of Sun-Times News Group]

57 thoughts on “Aurora Planned Parenthood mill: largest in US”

  1. Hey bunny rabbits!
    Just wanted to jot a quick goodbye, I’m going to be leaving the site. Thank you so much for being such wonderful people, even those of you that I don’t agree with, and helping me expand my understanding of different points of view. The things that I learn from discussions like this are invaluble. I hope that I may hear from some of you in the future, and wish you all the absolute best!

  2. No fair…I’m sitting here pulling up map quest trying to figure out if I should leave now to get there on time (directionally challenged would be my middle name) and wishing someone I knew was going so I could hitch a ride and you’re going in a RED CONVERTIBLE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!??!
    I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want to hook up. Forget it! You’re no friend of mine. Uh-Uh…Do I have FOOL tattooed on my forehead? You can just hook up with Danny and Rosie. I’m wearin’ a disguise. Traitor!!!!
    Will she give me a ride in it if I’m good?

  3. Erin,
    Any particular reason? You know it breaks my heart when one of you guys leaves…I know Jasper didn’t growl at anyone last night and I’m pretty sure I’ve been a good girl. So what’s up? What can we do to change your mind? (About staying, not pro-life. Although any suggestions there would be appreciated also)…
    Seriously, why?

  4. It has nothing to do with any of you loves, MK. My reasons are personal ones that I can’t in good conscience post here. I will miss this site and the discussion, but I think it’s best for me to leave.

  5. Oh, and e-mail me, too!
    Bethany, I want to know if/when you get pregnant, I want to know about any super big things that happen with people and their families! And a couple recipies now and again would be good too, Bethany…I tried that chicken ranch thing and WOW. Amazing.

  6. Sally,
    Jill posts things quite quickly some days, so if this gets close to being dropped I’ll move it to another post…but for now…
    My name is not Sally but that was the name that my father chose for me.
    That sounds like the Irish. We are always naming our kids after relatives whether we like the name or not (We’ve got score of Danny’s, Tommy’s and Michaels)…and then “calling” them a name we actually like.
    Her name was Beatrice Margaret Dierdre Eileen Frances Kathleen O’hare…but we called her “Nancy”…
    So what is your given name. Sally is often short for Sarah.
    It’s funny that you are interested in genealogy because I had to do a lot of “” when looking for my birth family. It took me 3 years of searching. I finally stumbled across my fathers obituary. (He had just died, three weeks before my birthday) Went back to the 1958 Chicago phone book, searched the adoption notices at the law library, found out my birth name (Frances, if you can believe it) last name Emmerich, and researched every Emmerich that ever came to America. I probably know more about that family than any of them do.
    It was tricky, because my birth brother is incarcerated, my sister is married and has a diff. last name, my birth mother was married four times and her second husband adopted my sibs so their last name changed also…crazy. I’m very close with the sister. She’s a sweetheart. My birthmom has been diagnosed with a plethora of mental illnesses but denies having any, and the bro is doing time for having a fondness for young boys.
    They all live in the Minnesota area.
    So your mom was a Mennonite? Really fascinating.
    I went to a Mennonite “museum” in Indiana last year. It was waaaay interesting. I love the Amish. If I wasn’t Catholic, I’d seriously consider that lifestyle. Have a hard time with the Anabaptist part tho. Really like baptizing ’em when they’re babies. But I love the pacifist part. (Don’t get me wrong, I understand that sometimes you have to fight, but ALWAYS as a last resort…look at us! There is almost always another way, no matter how hopeless it seems).
    I know what you mean about wanting a large family. I would have had twelve if that’s how it had worked out. Dinnertime is always interesting! And basically, there is always a crisis so it’s never dull. With 5 sons it got a little overwhelming at times. For awhile I rebelled by painting everything pink, but then I capitualted and went with “sturdy” and “brown”…poor daughter wore pink everyday of her life for 4 years…but now that the older ones are away at school or married, I’m slowly painting things pink again! I still wear men’s clothes. My sister in-law finally talked me out of wearing denim this summer. Oh God forgive, I think I’ve joined the Khaki crowd!
    You garden? Veggies or flowers?
    Were you the vet or was that Laura?
    I have some dog questions. How long do you think it will take to make friends with Laura? LOL
    Time to read the “rest of the story” and catch up on the posts…I’m glad to finally get to know the real you. You seem awesome. Tell me more about your son and daughter…
    Posted by: mk at August 23, 2007 6:30 AM
    A long overdue welcome to the blog, Sally! :)
    It is nice to “meet” you, finally~ :) Have I mentioned that you are beautiful, and your son and daughter are beautiful too, from the pictures I saw?
    I want to introduce myself too. I am 26 years old, and have three children, who are 7, 5, and 2. They keep me busy! I home school them during the day,
    and try my best to keep this house clean, although it does seem that it is messed up right behind me much of the time. I spend a lot of free time painting murals around my house, and drawing portraits for people. You can see some of those at my website if you click on my name.
    I am kind of ADHD-like, very scatterbrained, going from one thing to another all the time. I can go into the kitchen, turn the water on to fill the coffeepot, hear one of the kids in the other room, leave the water running, and an hour later, I’ll come back in the kitchen to find the water still running. Yes, I am that scatterbrained!
    I love jalepeno poppers, they are absolutely delicious! I don’t think it’ll hurt you to have a few every now and then. ;)
    I’m sorry about your spinal cord injury. I know that must be so painful.
    How big is your garden? I have always enjoyed eating foods straight from gardens. Especially tomatoes…they are my favorite. I can’t stand the store bought tomatoes— they just don’t compare!
    Posted by: Bethany at August 23, 2007 7:25 AM
    Welcome Sally!!!!! Thank you for opening up! Good morning Bethany!
    Posted by: Heather at August 23, 2007 7:35 AM

  7. Erin, I’ll be sorry to see you go. However, there isn’t much you can do about Dan wanting to post here. I will personally miss you. Stop in and say hi once in a while. You have been a very respectful and polite pro choicer. Take care of yourself.

  8. Hi Erin,
    Sorry you feel you have to give in and move on.
    It is certainly none of my bees wax, but it sounds like Dan likes to make up his own rules.
    He didn’t keep his commitment to you on this site as he promised. He knew this was a safe place for you and he now made it not safe.

  9. Erin, I just missed your post here:
    Bethany, I want to know if/when you get pregnant, I want to know about any super big things that happen with people and their families! And a couple recipies now and again would be good too, Bethany…I tried that chicken ranch thing and WOW. Amazing.”
    Thank you so much, Erin! Oh I love that chicken ranch stuff too…my favorite EVER!
    If you can send me an email, I’ll be sure to update you if I do get pregnant again…or if you’d rather not, you can always check out my blog, which updates every day…I’ll be sure to be posting it there.
    I hope that you have a wonderful week and please take care!

  10. Erin – You can’t go! I won’t permit it! Maybe you will come back after a short break? huh? You are too nice to leave permanetly…. If you don’t come back – know that you will be missed greatly and if you ever need anything just e-mail me. (e-mail is at my blog).
    Jill – PP lying shouldn’t be any surprise. It is what they do best! The whole foundation was based on lies and abortion became legal based on lies, manipulation and deceit. Nothing they do is honest……

  11. Sandy, do me a favor, come off it.
    Erin, keep your place here. I violated my word by continuing to post here. Accept this as my apology and resignation. I crossed a line and I broke my word, two things that I shouldn’t have done.
    Please stay. You belong here more than I do.

  12. “It is certainly none of my bees wax, but it sounds like Dan likes to make up his own rules.
    He didn’t keep his commitment to you on this site as he promised. He knew this was a safe place for you and he now made it not safe.”
    Sandy, seriously, bite a porcupine tail. Erin belongs here more than I do, and I’m going to leave because I did break my word and post back. However, your commentary on my character is both unnecessary, and uneducated. Unless you know me, don’t talk about me.
    Yeah, I do make my own rules. I also have a set of rules that I live by, and breaking my word to Erin was breaking one of them, which is why I’ll take off rather than have her leave the site she was a part of first.
    PEACE GUYS. You know how to reach me.

  13. Sandy, do me a favor, come off it.
    Erin, keep your place here. I violated my word by continuing to post here. Accept this as my apology and resignation. I crossed a line and I broke my word, two things that I shouldn’t have done.
    Please stay. You belong here more than I do.
    Posted by: Danny at August 23, 2007 12:47 PM
    Come off what?
    He obviously agreed with me.

  14. Danny,
    Why are you still here? You said goodbye. (again) You are breaking your own rules, dude.

  15. Danny, allow me to be a lil blunt. I like you AND Erin. I really don’t mean to pry or ask questions, but you did open this book when the two of you announced you were an “item.” Then you guys told us about the abortion. So, we did ask some questions. If you didn’t want us to do so, then why share your story? Now you 2 have gone your separate ways. It just gets a little confusing when you tell us you are leaving, and then you reappear. What are we to think? Then you chew us out for asking Erin a few questions. I think she might need some time to herself. Please don’t act mean to those who are trying to be helpful.

  16. I honestly reappeared only because of the Aurora Clinic deal. I really shouldn’t have, but I did, and I broke my word, which makes me feel like a heel considering that I told Erin I’d stay away. Also, the only person I chewed on was Sandy, and that’s because I saw nothing helpful or friendly in her post. If I was mistaken in what I interpreted, then I apologize. However, I do think that Erin has a right to stay here, and that I should’ve left and stayed away instead of letting my curiosity get the better of me.
    I’ve said it before, and I say it again. I bear Erin no ill will, and I feel bad that she feels she should leave because [and this is only an assumption] of something I did/said/etc. That’s not right, and it shouldn’t have to be that way. I did invade her little happy spot after promising to leave, and that isn’t going to make things any better, you know what I mean? I don’t want you guys to lose a good poster, and I don’t want to be the cause of strife.
    Does that make any sense, or did I just talk in a circle?

  17. I got you. Erin did tell us that she was the “heart breaker” in the relationship. I didn’t see where Sandy was being unkind. Just honest.

  18. Danny this is in NO WAY directed @ you. It’s like tuning into Jerry Springer. I love it when a guest blurts out “It’s none of your business” to a member of the audience. Well, you just made it our business when you took your story on national television. Perhaps that’s a lame comparison, but it’s sort of the same concept.

  19. Erin,
    You brought in differing ideas and views, argued with rationality and intellect, and were respectful towards others with different views. You were a breath of fresh air and will be missed. I wish you well and the best in life.

  20. To her credit, she takes the title, but doesn’t deserve it. Yes, she left, and she’s the one who thought a split would be best, but she was not a heart breaker. She did what was best for her, and while I don’t agree with it, or agree with what’s happened since we broke up, I credit her for doing what was right for her.
    As Frankie Blue Eyes once said, “That’s life!”

  21. Danny, I accept your offer to vacate the site and will ask MK and Bethany to help you keep your word by deleting any further comments you might impulsively make.

  22. Dan,
    Not to be rude, dude. But you are still here. (again) dude. You broke your promise(again) dude.
    You stated you only came here for the Aurora info. Jill’s e-mail is available for anyone. You could have contacted her there to see what she’s up to anytime.
    Then you post on another thread creating even more controversy.
    Now, I am no Nancy Drew, but your stated reasons for being here are very inconsistent which leads me to believe you are not being very truthful.
    I really admire those on this site that try to reach out to you and understand your temper tantrums. But honestly, you state Jill deserves to be hit up side the head with a nine-iron, then say it wasn’t a threat.
    So does that mean you would stand around and cheer if someone else had a nine iron ready to strike and then clap when it’s over? I mean you did say she deserved it. I thought you were into peace and all.
    No need to answer. My intention was not to entice you into another post. It was to just point out the fact that you don’t make much sense.
    BTW, I totally agree with Heather. Don’t criticize anyone for caring about Erin. You opened up your own soap opera for all of us to view.

  23. Just because I know this will be deleted soon after I post it, I’m taking the satisfaction to say it.
    Email me if you want to make a rebuttal ^_^
    Posted by: Danny at August 23, 2007 3:37 PM
    You’re still here (again) dude
    I think we can all conclude why Erin decided it was best to move on.

  24. Well,
    I go to the grocery store, get caught 10 miles from a tornado, and find that the real storm happened right here…
    Okay, so how ’bout those cubbies?

  25. Hey Midnite,
    Where’ve you been. How’s that boyfriend?
    No nothing touched down. Another round is going thru now and more behind it.
    Oddly enough the Aurora are is getting hit really hard. I keep thinking how ironic it would be if a certain “clinic” got blown away…over a rainbow or something…*snicker*

  26. Erin,
    You’re leaving!? I live by the rule that what people don’t want to discuss with me is none of my business (its kept me out of a lot of trouble) so if you choose not to discuss your reasons, I respect that. Just know you will be sadly missed and I sincerely hope you will reconsider in the near future. Until that time, I wish you every success and happiness.

  27. Rosie,
    I’m with you. I would like both to stay but that’s obviously not possible. I’ve appreciated Danny’s info on reptiles, as well as our other friends in the animal kingdom, and have found him very informative and interesting, as well as very cordial to me. I also think the world of Erin. Their problems are for them to resolve, but that’s my 2 cents, and I’m sure no one considers my opinion on this subject worth that much!

  28. MK,
    Not as bad as Oak Park but there are trees down in some places. We have a flash flood warning, kinda scarey, I live across the street from the DuPage river. There is so much lightning, I can’t remember the last time i’ve seen so much.

  29. Heather,
    thank you for your kind words. I was just referring to my opinion as to what Danny and Erin should do. They must make up their own minds and resolve their own problems and my opinion in whatever decisions they reach doesn’t mean a whole lot. That’s all I meant.
    Lose my temper? Definitely. I don’t know if its good or bad but I’m someone you will have to push to the wall before I’ll come back with teeth bared.
    If anything, I probably take too much guff and if people are getting ballistic, I usually try to maintain the calmer voice. Shouting matches go nowhere, plus you can look pretty idiotic ranting and raving while someone stands there calmly. I’ve also found the silent treatment can make people more aggravated than anything, and have used it very effectively to get my message across.

  30. Mary, LOL! I know you have said that you are an RN. I am an LPN. My field is geriatrics. I’m continuing on for my RN. Very true it is about the silent treatment. I’m trying to learn that the ranting and raving one is much worse than the silent one.

  31. Mary, You may get a double post. If so, I’m sorry. It really takes a lot to get me angry too. I am also a nurse. I’m an LPN or LVN, as known to some states. My field is geriatrics. I’ve also worked in Oncology and Hospice……my computer is posting slow!

  32. “I’m trying to learn that the ranting and raving one is much worse than the silent one”
    I’ve always prefered to get the silent treatment over someone yelling at me. I do it on this site, whenever someone is being an idiot I usually don’t respond at all.

  33. Hi Heather,
    Good luck on your RN studies. You have a lot of background to bring to your studies. I know you’ll make a great RN.
    You have a point about the silent treatment. I wish my daughter would have practiced it. Good lord that girl was an absolute pitbull, literally following me around the house and not giving me a moment’s peace once she got on a tangent. I love her more than my life but I am thankful we’re not under the same roof. That’s probably why our relationship is so good…now.

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