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I posted August 2 I had to moderate comments, i.e., force people to sign in, due to a spike in spam comments I was receiving – 500 to 1,000 a day.
Behind the scenes my server and moreso my kind and patient friend Tim from have been working to upgrade my site with software and stopgaps to halt the spam. (One interesting find: 155,000 spam comments my software had automatically saved as “junk” of which I was unaware. No wonder things were bogging down a bit.)
Tim completed the additions and changes last night, so I have dumped that aggravating authentication process once again, which kept many willing commenters off due to its own glitches.
All can once again post freely. Thanks for your patience.

14 thoughts on “Authentication OFF”

  1. That’s funny…I always assumed that putting the spam in the junk folder separated those IP’s as spam, so that the program would know to delete those in the future. I didn’t know I was merely putting those messages in a different folder. :D
    I’m so glad they were able to delete all of those junk comments!
    Now, maybe we’ll be able to hear from Valerie, Heather, and many of the others who have not been able to post lately! :)

  2. Bethany, there was a box I never knew to check off (which now is!) to automatically delete junk after 7 days. So we don’t have to worry about it, which is nice because we never knew to worry about it anyway… :)

  3. Lauren, you’re right. My spam problems were few when I blogged in a vacuum. So all this spam is a sign of recognition. Believe me, I’m not complaining, just surmounting!

  4. OMG, Throwing a party! I can’t believe I am on! Jill, I want you to know that I did get your e-mail. I went to get back in to my mailbox, and the yahoo [loading mail] circle just kept on circling. I STILL can’t get in! Anyone else have this problem? I’m still new to computers. Type key has me under a different e-mail, so they couldn’t locate my password. It was just such a mess.

  5. WOOHOOO!!!!
    At least I know that my kids can’t comment on anything that has a to be approved. Of course, they are 5 and 1 1/2 years old so I’m not sure that is a problem. My hubby says that the kids play on the computer (seen recently with duplicate postings because my daughter kept hitting the ‘enter’ button)so it needs to be locked up. It was suppose to just remove administration functions and ‘adult’ websites. It did a bit more! It doesn’t help that I am computer malfunctioned. This is why I married a computer geek, so I don’t have to learn! ;-)

  6. Valerie,
    Somtimes my son (6.5 years) and I will go on you-tube and pull up cartoons, kids songs, etc. And he started a Barney video where some sicko changed the audio and Barney started swearing and yelling nasty things, my son ran from the computer crying.. man, they’re really are some sick people out there…

  7. *giggles* a la Avenue Q style. That’s not sick. That’s entertaining. If it contains cursing, it has a warning label before you’re allowed to view the video. I watched half of the first season of the Muppet Show last night after helping my best friend move into her dorm, and I never realized how much innuendo they put into these shows that you just don’t get when you’re a kid! I love it.

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