Blog storm passing

storm.jpgLast week was hit by 1 million spam attempts. Yes, 1 million.
Well, this week it’s our turn. You may have noticed the site was slow yesterday. A few of you even commented on it.
I contacted my server, Hosting Matters, last night, and was told the attack on my site was actually causing problems for their entire system. The technical support agent said all we can do is “continue to hold things together until the storm dies down.”
So, thanks in advance for your patience. This comes with our territory. Know that ace moderators MK and Bethany are doing their best to delete your multiple posts, one of the consequences of the storm. It’s not your fault, so no need to apologize. But we’re also having trouble accessing the administrative end of things, so there may be a slight delay.

18 thoughts on “Blog storm passing”

  1. Yeah, I was wondering about this. I would post and it would sit there forever and then finally give me some kind of error message and not show up as a post-but then show up later.

  2. And of course you blame your own computer until you start comparing notes…it was a mess…
    But it seems to be working well today.
    Thanks for hangin’ in there everyone!

  3. Haha…I started to blame my computer but I stopped and thought, “I have a Mac!” so I then started thinking it was my internet connection!

  4. JKeller,
    Wanted to make sure you saw this so I posted it here.
    I notice that you spoke up to TexasRed earlier. Thanks.
    She (and Sally and Laura) have seemed to have caught on yet that not only don’t we mind opposing views, we welcome them.
    What we don’t welcome is endless insults and rudeness. There just isn’t a need. Maybe they’ll learn, maybe they won’t…it’s a shame, tho, if they leave never having experienced this site at it’s best.
    Anyway, good job. That took guts. Thanks.
    Posted by: mk at August 22, 2007 6:14 PM

  5. Hahaha, I drove all the way to my doctor’s appointment on the highway yesterday listening JUST to Freebird. Made it there just as the song was ending. The doctor was 15 miles away on the highway. :)

  6. Good grief — there are times when I want to be able to teleport into the room where the spammers and their computers are.
    I’m a pretty fair-sized boy, and a nice hefty 12 pound sledgehammer would feel really good.
    Or a pair of four pounders, one for each hand.
    “Howdy Doo….”
    Bethany, and MK – good job fighting the spam, and too bad you have to. Sheesh.
    I’m in Alma, MI, this week and last night there was a vicious storm here. Knocked out the power and the internet connection for the hotel – the scene out my window was similar to the picture above.

  7. Alyssa!
    Where have you been? How many times have I told you to call if you’re going to be late!!!!!
    Shame on you.

  8. DO OVER: (Long) weekend question

    Whoops, sorry. This post hasn’t been allowing comments all day, and ace moderator Bethany made me aware. My server just corrected it. Speaking of problems, I know my site is still running slow. It’s still those spammers. I mentioned last…

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