family.jpgGot leftover embryos in cold storage? Now you can use them to keep you out of cold storage.
According to ABC News, August 14:

StemLifeLine, a California-based biotechnology company, is now offering a controversial but potentially life-saving fourth option.
StemLifeLine allows families to “develop” remaining embryos into “personalized stem cell lines,” the first theoretical step in creating cures for a host of debilitating and deadly diseases….

“The embryonic stem cells could be used to develop cures for diseases like diabetes, lymphoma and Parkinson’s,” said Dr. Russell Foulk, director of two of the four fertility clinics putting patients in touch with StemLifeLine and a member of the company’s board of directors.
StemLifeLine is offering what they call “personalized stem cell lines.” Those lines could then be turned into treatments that could be specially designed genetic matches just for donors, Foulk said.
“The advantage of using genetically similar material is the decreased chance of rejection. We can already take adult stem cells from bone marrow to help treat leukemia but they have to come from relatives,” he said.

The StemLifeLine website features a nice photo of a Dad, Mom, and two kids. Dad has injested the kid you can’t see by syringe, a new way to eat one’s own. But he sure feels spry.
And sweet double-dipping, Dr. Faulk. Not too noticeable a conflict of interest.