Save yourcells

healthy.jpgDomaniCell (“the leading service provider in the field of cell collection, processing, storage and therapies”) accounced last week it is expanding its service to offer young, healthy adults the opportunity to proactively store some of their own stem cells now in the event they need them later for an unforeseen illness or accident.
Great idea. Exact match, frozen, ready, and waiting….

Companies already offer parents of newborns the opportunity to store their umbilical cord stem cells for the baby – or close family members. (Umbilical cord stem cells are extraordinary because only four of six markers are needed to match a donor to recipient, as opposed to bone marrow stem cells, where six of six are needed.)
DomaniCell’s press release, listing Progenitor Cell Therapy as a partner, stated:

Together the companies and their senior management team have performed over 30,000 cell therapy procedures, processed and stored over 18,000 cell therapy products and transported over 14,000 cell therapy products for clinical use in over 5000 patients to-date.

How many of these procedures, products, therapies were with human embryo stem cells? How many of those 5,000 patients?
The company rep confirmed with me this morning: ZERO.
All were using adult or umbilical cord stem cells.
Sooo, question for all you human embryo/cloning research zealots. If someone gave you $1,000 and said you could use it to save your own cells or donate it to human embryo experimentation, which would you choose?
Do you believe the escr hype when it comes down to you? Do you think your cloned organs or blood are right around the corner?
The greater good would be served by donating to the future. And surely the multitude of therapies and cures available now through adult/umblical cord stem cells are also right around the corner with embryos and clones.