Children of God for Life, an associate of American Life League that has Fr. Tom Euteneuer and Judie Brown on its board, has released an updated list of vaccines using aborted fetal cell lines and their ethical counterparts. You can download a pdf copy to print here. Click to enlarge:

Disclaimer: My posting this list is for ethical educationaI purposes and not an endorsement of childhood vaccinations. Over the years I’ve grown increasingly wary of them, in fact, since they are potentially linked to neurological disorders like autism and rheumatoid arthritis. Parents should conduct their own research.
On that topic, Cogforlife reports the latest development on a strange situation I’ve been tracking, wherein the Diocese of Austin, TX, not only disallows religious exemptions for vaccinations – although public schools do, and it is apparently mandated by law for both – it has become the only diocese in the U.S. to disallow a medical exemption.
That development is that the USDA, in an unprecedented move, has opened a formal investigation against the diocese. Read about it here and watch a news report on the student and parents who filed the complaint here.
[Hat tip: Yvonne Bontkowski]

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