Per, which tracks these things, the failed AIDS vaccine in the article below was derived from the retina of an 18-week-old fetus and has been used to create vaccines since 2001.
Not only did this vaccine fail to slow AIDS, it increased it.
nude%20mouse.jpgTo create the AIDS vaccine, Merck researchers modified the aforementioned fetal cell line by adding a cold virus and to that cold virus elements of HIV.
This fetal cell line is also known to cause cancerous tumors in nude mice (photo right). Cogforlife reports, “Worse news to ponder, this same cell line is being used in many other new vaccines under development.”
(For more information on this fetal cell line, go here and here and see FDA documentation here.)
The Washington Post, November 7….

Developers of a failed AIDS vaccine announced Wednesday that it appeared to be ineffective among some people with a preexisting immunity to a virus that causes colds and may have raised their vulnerability to AIDS.
The announcement… was the latest bad news for a vaccine that only two months ago was regarded as the most promising candidate to slow an epidemic that kills millions of people each year. Trials of the vaccine that involved thousands of participants in the United States, South Africa and other countries were halted in September…..
Scientists say the vaccine not only failed to prevent infection with HIV or slow progress of the disease but may have actually increased the HIV risk among trial participants who, by chance, had a preexisting immunity to a common strain of cold virus….
The setback has forced a broad reexamination of the multibillion-dollar search for an AIDS vaccine and raised new questions about when – or whether – future experimental vaccines should be tested on humans….

If the Washington Post were honest, or to be fair, aware, that last sentence should have read “… should be tested on and with humans.”

For the Merck vaccine, researchers genetically altered the adenovirus type 5, one of several viruses that cause colds, to include elements of HIV. The goal was to trigger an immune response that would protect a vaccinated person from contracting HIV.
But for reasons scientists do not understand, study subjects with preexisting immunity to adenovirus type 5 apparently became more vulnerable when vaccinated….
Scientists at the conference were also debating whether to tell each of the study participants… whether they received the placebo or the vaccine, a process called “unblinding” the study.

It’s incredible that scientists are even debating whether to tell the people they experimented on that they’re now at a higher risk than before of contracting AIDS.

The search for an AIDS vaccine began in the mid-1980s and last year alone cost more than $900 million in private and government funding.

AIDS is a behaviorally transmitted virus, most often in the U.S. by promiscuous homosexual sex. In other countries add promiscuous heterosexual sex. It’s prevalently an STD. That $900 million apparently got researchers nowwhere the past 20 years. It would have been much better spent in abstinence teaching. But liberal ideologues have forbidden that, sending instead millions to their death.
[HT: Yvonne Bontkowski]

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