fnc.jpgFox News will show a documentary on abortion this Saturday:

Fox News cameras went inside an operating room as a 20-year-old student underwent an abortion, as part of a documentary titled “Facing Reality, Choice,” that will air Saturday, Oct. 27, at 9 p.m. ET on Fox News Channel….

In the scene Fox does not focus on the surgical details of the abortion procedure, but it is emotionally wrenching, however, as the woman cries through the abortion and her mother, beside her for emotional support, learns this is her daughter’s second abortion in less than a year.
The Fox documentary profiles three women to explore the abortion issue by following their agonizing decisions to have their babies or terminate their pregnancies….
The Fox News documentary is groundbreaking in that it does not touch at all on the political debate or legal analysis surrounding abortion.
All that is seen and heard during the hour are the women and families as they struggle to choose what to do about their pregnancies.

Well, no. There will be one family member not be seen or heard during the 20-year-old’s abortion, which really aggravates me. Why not? Sure, forget politics and legal analysis. Let’s simply get real for once. Let’s show that esoteric “choice.” I’ve seen one documentary where doctors peeled back a patient’s face to fix cheekbones and another where conjoined twins were separated. What’s wrong with showing abortion?
variety1.jpgI will be disappointed if Fox doesn’t treat this issue fairly, but I’m concerned. If Variety gave the documentary a glowing review, there’s a red flag:

If only other programming on Fox News exhibited the understated restraint of “Facing Reality: Choice,” a special that avoids taking sides in chronicling young women’s experiences with unwanted or difficult pregnancies….
Given the strident tone of Fox’s talking heads, “Facing Reality” approaches this divisive issue with surprising compassion, including an interview with a kindly-looking doctor who performs abortions.

That “kindly-looking doctor” is 72-year-old Arkansas abortionist William Harrison, who has admittedly committed at least 10,000, maybe 20,000 abortions, he lost count – and he’s still at it.
Yet Fox called him a “gynecologist” in the promo:

“It is a moral crisis for them… this is not a black and white issue,” gynecologist Dr. William Harrison said. “It’s not something that you can say, you know, ‘This is good and this is bad.’ It’s a mix…. The woman who’s making that decision is the only person that can make that moral choice for herself.”

Wrong. That’s moral relativist gobbledy-gook that I hope Fox is fair enough to allow countered. And that last sentence was political speak, btw.
You can watch video clips here.
[HT: moderator Bethany; photo credit: Fox]