pro-lifeblogbuzz3.jpgLast night marked my final speaking engagement for the fall, with the exception of one locally in December.
My blog’s subtitle is Pro-Life Pulse, but it’s hard to keep a finger on the pulse when you’re running. I feel a bit out of the loop.
So I particularly looked forward to perusing the blogs of fellow pro-lifers for a long overdue (Prolifer)ations. So much great information, I can only get through 1/3 of my list of favorite bloggers….

  • It was a baby aborted for being imperfect according to some human standards who got me involved in the pro-life movement. So I was glad to see the link on the After Abortion blog to a “one-day retreat of healing from someone–and for someones–who have suffered the loss of a child from abortion due to poor prenatal prognosis” in NY November 24.
  • Matthew Eppinette at Americans United for Life lists all the bloggers who participated in the FRC Washington Briefing and thanks FRC’s Jared Bridges, Joe Carter, and Charmaine Yoest for being so hospitable. I’d like to thank AUL for donating $10k to finance what Matt called “New Media Row.” (I like that term!)
  • In July I posted three entertaining short videos produced by seminarians at the Institute for Priestly Formation in Omaha on NFP vs. contraception. Elizabeth Andrew has posted #4 and I found #5. Very witty:

  • (Btw, don’t you miss the “Ask an abortion doc” videos?)
  • La Shawn Barber links to a NYT op ed discussing a new book co-authored by Bill Cosby, Come On, People: On the Path From Victims to Victors. Best lines from the column and book:
    A word to the wise ain’t necessary. It’s the stupid ones who need the advice. ~ Cosby
    You can’t land a plane in Rome saying, “Whassup?” to the control tower. You can’t be a doctor telling your nurse, “Dat tumor be nasty.” ~ book
    Speaking about the epidemic of fatherlessness in black families…. [t]he most important step toward ending the tragic cycles of violence and poverty among African-Americans also happens to be the heaviest lift – reconnecting black fathers to their children. ~ column

  • Judie Brown links to an LA Times article about the NC state medical board appealing a court decision that allows doctors to administer lethal injections for death penalty inmates. Notes Judie, “This same medical board will not object to the removal of feeding tubes from patients who are ill but not dying.” I’d add the same board inexplicably supports abortion.
  • Speaking of the death penalty, our northern blogging friends at Big Blue Wave link to an October 26 Associated Press article:
    Kansas City, MO – A jury on Friday decided that a woman convicted of killing an expectant mother and cutting her baby from her womb should receive the death penalty….
    Lisa Montgomery [pictured right]… 39, was convicted Monday of kidnapping and killing Bobbie Jo Stinnett on Dec. 16, 2004….

    BBW says the punishment meted was “so wrong,” Gotta disagree with my friends on this one.

  • BBW also links to wacky blogger bastard.logic, who blames the Partial Birth Abortion ban on the death last month of 22-year-old and 13-weeks pregnant Laura Smith at the Cape & Island Center for Women’s Health in MA. bastard.logic should rename itself incredibly.stupid.logic. After admitting Smith had a suction abortion, incredibly.stupid leaps to D&E abortions and then to PBA abortions and proclaims, aha! Another example of the pro-aborts’ best and brightest.
  • Mark Crutcher has two great posts. From the first, “If saving women is really the goal…”:

    [O]ne of [the abortion lobby’s] favorites is the old line that since women are going to have abortions regardless of what the law says, we have to protect them against dangerous back-alley abortions….
    What I’m wondering about is this. If the motivation for legalized abortion really is to save the lives of women, why aren’t the people who make that argument also calling for the repeal of laws against rape? After all, it is not uncommon for a woman to be killed by a rapist so she can’t identify him to the authorities. Legalizing rape would save those women by taking away the rapists’ motivation for killing them.

    And not only is this title brilliant, “On the trail of Rodham and Gomorrah,” so is the piece, which should be read in its entirety:

    In the first few years of legalized abortion, studies were taken to determine the cost of an abortion. The findings were that, generally speaking, the price was between $300 and $350. Interestingly, those figures have changed little since then. That begs the question: with no competition and a seemingly reliable demand, why have they been unable to raise prices in almost 35 years?…
    Since day one, the abortion industry has pushed this idea that when a woman does not want to be pregnant she will crawl through hell on broken glass to get an abortion….
    [But] the evidence does not support this. The financial publication, Economic Inquiry, Vol. XXVI, April 1988, produced a study about the relationship between abortion cost and abortion rates and found… as the cost of abortion goes up, the demand for abortion goes down. This finding has been confirmed by other independent studies….
    The obvious solution to the abortion industry’s current financial dilemma would be for them to raise prices to meet their increased costs and simply make more money off fewer killings. But as fiscally reasonable as that may sound, the abortion lobby knows it is not a viable option. They have long understood that, in order to maintain abortion’s legality, they need the political and cultural inertia created by a high abortion rate. This has put them in a kind of “Catch 22″ situation. They need higher abortion prices to solve their financial problems, but the lowered abortion rate produced by these higher prices would threaten their political survivability.
    That is why the abortion industry has not raised prices for almost 35 years. The problem they now face is that the cost of doing business has risen dramatically during that time….


    In order to survive, the abortion industry has to find a way to raise their prices without lowering the abortion rate.
    Enter Hillary Clinton.
    Planned Parenthood’s current expansion is their way of betting that Slick Hilly is going to be the next president. They are also counting on her to install a system of socialized medicine that will include elective abortion….

  • Culture Campaign has a good post, “Breast cancer organizations promoting only selective awareness,” for “[f]ailing to disclose 2 major risk factors: abortion and hormonal contraception.”…