Does this sound like Aurora deja vu?
On January 11, 2007, a corporation named Fuller 38 LLC bought the property at 7155 E. 38th Ave. in Denver from United Airlines for $1,350,000 according to this HomeInfoMaxReport.
Fuller 38 LLC was created two weeks before, on December 27, 2006. See deed to property and Fuller 38 incorporation papers here (pages 3-5).
On August 20, 2007, the Denver Post broke the story of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains’ stealth purchase of the United Airlines Denver property with this map acknowledging the purchase was made “under a different name”:


So why as recently as October 3, 2007, did the Weitz Company, which I’ve previously documented is PP Denver’s general contractor, apply for construct permits from the City of Denver listing United Airlines as the property owner? Click to see enlarged view:

I moved the date up so all would fit in one screen….

This was no fluke. Here is a permit document dated May 25, 2007. Click to see enlarged view; I moved the date up so all would fit on one screen:

See copies of permits in their entirety here (pages 1-2).
Planned Parenthood CEOs in both Denver and Chicago have stated they kept PP’s name out of the construction process as long as possible to keep pro-lifers from interfering.
But does that give them license to lie on permit documents? And what about the right of subcontractors and workers to make the “choice” not to help build this abortion monstrosity?
CO Pro-life activist Keith Mason contacted two subcontractors last week working on the PP project, MTECH Mechanical Company and Haynes Mechanical Systems.
According to Mason, MTECH was told the name of the project was Fuller M.O.B. (medical office building). Haynes was told it was a United Airlines call center. Both stated their work was completed and they wished to avoid the controversy.
“We’re not surprised that the abortion industry would be so deceptive,” wrote Mason in an email. “We are surprised that The Weitz Company is putting their reputation and credibility on the line to collaborate with Planned Parenthood.”
I’m not.
Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa, where Weitz Company’s parent company is located, listed great-grandsons of Weitz’s founder, Fred (and wife Emily) and Steve (and wife Linda), as contributors in its 2005-06 annual report:


[HT for Weitz donations to PP: Iowa Right to Life; all other documentation: Keith Mason]