I was on Adam McManus’s radio show yesterday afternoon discussing my Thompson column.
McManus is a big Mike Huckabee supporter and mentioned he has been having listeners contact Iowa Right to Life to encourage it to reject National Right to Life’s endorsement of Fred Thompson and instead endorse Huckabee.
I found that tidbit interesting and called IRTL this afternoon to find out if it was making the switch.
kim%20l.jpgI spoke with Kim Lehman, IRTL president. She said after they started getting calls and emails from Huckabee supporters the board went into closed door session to discuss what to do.
And they decided to go neutral, “which is a tradition in a primary for us if there’s more than one pro-life candidate,” said Kim. Here’s IRTL’s strategy, again quoting Kim:

We don’t want Rudy Giuliani to win. We want a pro-life candidate to win. IRTL is working toward the promotion of life, and so, as long as a pro-life candidate is in the lead, we just support that and hope everyone puts their vote behind the one candidate. Hopefully, the pro-life vote will not be split, which would allow Giuliani to win by default.

Good advice.
[Lehman photo courtesy of New York Times]

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