journey%20john.jpgThanks to bloggers, CNN was quickly exposed as leaning its YouTube Republican presidential candidate debate left by choosing Democrat-affiliated questioners and questions.
The retired gay general asking the “gays in the military” question has been much discussed. We now know he’s a Hillary worker on the homosexual issue.
Other ringers have been noted, including Journey from Arlington, TX, who it turned out was an Edwards supporter.
The question is whether CNN purposefully chose these people are simply failed to research their backgrounds. Most pundits think the latter.
But I’m finding it harder to believe that of 5,000 submissions, Anderson Cooper and CNN picked Journey’s question blindly. Hers was on abortion….

In the event that abortion becomes illegal and a woman obtains an abortion anyway, what should she be charged with and what should her penalty be? What about the doctor who performs the abortion?

It turns out that aside from being an Edwards groupie, Journey is also a Cooper groupie.
Michelle Malkin reported:

She posted this video a month ago exulting that “Anderson Cooper said my name!” during a CNN viewer comment segment. She wrote, “Horrible video, but at least I’ve got some type of recording of this event that has made my week!”

Continued Michelle:

On her blog, she posted an Anderson Cooper segment from VH1 with the following comment: “Anderson officially had the Best Week Ever for the week of 10/26/07, and looked more delicious than a pic-i-nic basket while doing so. And lookie, I found the video and uploaded it to Youtube for y’all. :D”

I found the October 15 comment she made on Anderson’s blog that got her into his air space.
Interestingly, Journey calls herself paperserenade on her YouTube channel, where she certainly has showered Cooper with YouTube affection, although it appears she has removed that VH1 video.
But did Cooper never remember her name?
But there’s more.
RH Reality Check’s Amie Newman blogged on the debate the morning after:

You may remember Journey from RH Reality Check’s eNews and her post last week where she shared why it has been so important to her to submit a range of video questions on reproductive health issues to the debate. RH Reality Check contacted Journey before the debates precisely because we appreciated her nuanced and assertive questions about reproductive health issues. And it is true that any of Journey’s questions that were submitted to YouTube would have been a worthy addition to the sequence of questions at the debate.
But the question she asked that was put to the Republican presidential candidates was the one I thought would never get asked (kudos to the CNN employees who chose it!)…

Was it simply coincidental that Journey expended so much energy promoting the CNN YouTube debate without knowing her video would be picked?
Was it simply coincidental that RH Reality Check likewise gave the YouTube debate extraordinary attention beforehand and simply coincidentally contacted Journey to spotlight her?
Did I sense a little CYA in RH Reality Check’s morning-after post?
Here’s the entire Q&A segment, fyi:

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