The spark of the current riots in France was not just that two “minority” teens, as this article called them, were killed when their motorscooter hit a police car. They were, in fact, Muslim teens, and the rioters are primarily Muslim….

MSM and even Fox News have seemed to avoid this point. But from today’s LA Times comes a little clarity:

“It’s a way of making people understand we’ve had enough,” says Charlie Koissi…. “When you touch one of our brothers, no matter what [his] origin, it concerns us.”
Raymonde Le Texier… describes pent-up rage by black and Muslim children of immigrants who feel lost and abandoned in the projects….
Theirs is a world apart, with its own codes and subculture….
This time around, the violence came faster and more furiously than in 2005.
During 200 nights of clashes between ghetto youth and riot police that year, there was only one death and sporadic injuries. But after only two nights of confrontations this week, 80 police officers were hospitalized, including six who were seriously injured when rioters assaulted them with stones, gas bombs and firecrackers. At least two dozen officers were hit by pellets fired from guns.
“We’re not talking about urban violence anymore, we’re talking about insurrection,” says Patrice Ribeiro, head of the police union Synergie Officers. “It’s more violent than in 2005. . . . We have armed people shooting at police. We knew it was going to happen and it happened.”

The LAT blames poverty. No.
Poor people don’t automatically get mean. Poor people don’t burn down their own schools and libraries, their way out of poverty. Only ignorant, backward people do. Here’s what’s really going on.
Europe is increasingly becoming Eurasia as indigenous populations don’t populate while Muslims immigrate and do. France has the largest Muslim population in Western Europe. France is now 10-15% Muslim, with estimates that 20-30% of those under 25 are Muslim, like those rioters.
Meanwhile, France currently ranks 136th out of 222 countries with a fertility rate of 1.98, according to the CIA. To sustain a population, never mind grow it, the fertility rate must be 2.1. This is not a new phenomenon in France or any of Europe for that matter.
In fact, the French riots can in large part be blamed on population control propaganda, which duped the French to stop spawning, which also forced them to welcome Muslim immigrants, who don’t assimilate.

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