This Land

Today the 12th Annual Webby Awards named its 12 most influential online videos of all time. You can access all the videos here.
Here’s 1… off topic but funny, a bit of nostalgia (some off color, fyi). Ah, memories….

How did Webby pick? “[E]ach of the videos listed,,, represents an important starting point for the tactics and trends currently flourishing online.”
Why This Land? Says Webby:

“This Land,” an animation featuring a John Kerry/George W. Bush duet, became the medium’s first hugely popular political parody — enjoying three times the combined traffic of the actual candidates’ sites and paving the way for campaign-defining political clips like the “1984” Hillary Clinton ad and the camp “Obama Girl” video.

11 thoughts on “This Land”

  1. To Elizabeth…
    I just responded to your question about my son under the older “GAP visits Univ Cincinatti” folder.
    thanks for asking :)

  2. MK,
    For whatever reason would Hillary slap Bill?
    I still think the most hilarious thing I ever saw was Bill going on “vacation” with Hillary after the Lewinsky scandal broke. I’m sure a week with the devil in hell would have been more preferable!

  3. I’m sure a week with the devil in hell would have been more preferable!
    I’d say spending a week together was spending a week with the devil in hell. Make that 2 devils.

  4. Laura,
    What I saw in that picture was an honorable man who sacrificed for his country and a woman deeply devoted to him.
    Its like the picture I saw of the devoted wife and her police officer husband who was blinded in one eye and paralyzed from the chest down after being pumped full of lead by drug dealers, lowlife dirtbags who were glorified by their community as “saviors” for wanting to protect their community from drugs(my brother, a police officer said what they really did was rip off the drug dens and sell the heroin at a higher price to the community they were trying to “save”), and freed by a jury, though everyone knew they did it.
    In both situations you have two outstanding men who put their lives on the line to protect us, and paid terrible prices for doing so.

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