I’m not too happy with the National Right to Life Committee these days.
The tipping point was learning on November 3 while attending a speech given by Hadley Arkes at Valparaiso University that NRLC originally opposed the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, which Hadley wrote and which I testified regarding. Hadley explained during his speech the Partial Birth Abortion Ban was coming to the fore about that time, and NRLC thought it more important and that BAIPA was too soft.
castle.gifAdd to that, NRLC actively opposed the South Dakota Abortion Ban and is currently actively opposing the Georgia Human Life Amendment.
There may be pragmatism and smart politics and all involved in these NRLC decisions, but when a pro-life organization takes the same position as pro-abortion organizations, something is wrong.
There are other things, but that’s enough of a backdrop.
So about Fred Thompson.
NRLC’s endorsement might be the best decision. I just know he’s not the best pro-life candidate. There is at least one other who is polling as well or stronger, and he’s more pro-life, and that’s Mike Huckabee. I’m not in Huckabee’s camp, but when I compare the two, I just don’t get NRLC’s endorsement. I’m cynical.
I’m wondering if the leadership of NRLC, which has been the same forever, has become too immersed in the DC culture. This would go a long way toward explaining support for Thompson (and his wife) over Huckabee. Also recall NRLC immediately jumped on board the Harriet Miers bandwagon.
I’m wondering when pragmatism and smart politics become something else.
UPDATE, 10:10a: Email from “Washington insider,” as s/he wants to be identified, on the question of NRLC’s endorsement of Thompson:

Don’t really know what to make of it.
It’s a prudential judgment, obviously: the result of a no-doubt complicated calculation of who is most likely to win divided by the square of who is least objectionable on the issue times an estimate of what states they can make a difference for him in…. Like any early endorsement, it’s a gamble: if he wins, they’re in like Flynn. If he loses….

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