pink%20ribbon.gifThe Actuary, a professional magazine for actuaries in the UK, has published an article in its November 2007 issue entitled, “The Breast Cancer Epidemic,” about its impact on life and health insurance and health care industries in the UK.
The article was based on forecasts of breast cancer rates published last month in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons.
In that article, Patrick Carroll, a statistician and actuary, showed that of 7 risk factors, abortion is the “best predictor” of breast cancer trends, and fertility is also a useful predictor.
Carroll used a mathematical model he successfully used previously to forecast breast cancer incidence to project a 50.9% increase in breast cancer in England and Wales by 2029. Other highlights:

1) The increasing rates of abortion and breast cancer run parallel and are highly correlated.
2) “Oestrogen (estrogen), progestin and other female hormones, whether naturally produced or administered medically, fuel breast cancer development,” said Carroll.

There are 7 known risk breast cancer risk factors to explain the trend:

1. Abortion before a woman’s first full term birth is “highly carcinogenic” because it leaves breast cells in a state of interrupted hormonal development in which they are more susceptible.
2. A low age at first birth is protective.
3. Childlessness increases the risk.
4. A large number of children increases protection.
5. Breastfeeding gives additional protection.


6. Hormonal contraceptives are conducive to breast cancer.
7. Hormone replacement therapy is conducive to breast cancer.

When you analyze #s 1-7, you see it appears that fighting a woman’s biological and physiological make-up (i.e., the teachings of modern feminism) contributes to breast cancer.
There is no explanation other than willful ignorance to explain how normally reasonable people, who advocate protecting our natural environment and engaging in healthy lifestyles, would reject the link between abortion and breast cancer.
Even using simple logic based on on understanding of female biology and hormones aside from statistics would conclude the rationality of the ABC link.