Here’s a great abortion and breast cancer billboard ad currently on display in Waco, TX, provided by pro-lifer John PIsciotta:
The Susan G. Komen Foundation is the best known organization raising money for the cure. But Komen gives money to Planned Parenthood, the U.S.’s largest abortion provider, and abortion causes breast cancer.

Komen, pro-aborts, and all liberal groups also vehemently deny the abortion-breast cancer connection.
For those 2 reasons, pro-lifers do not donate to Komen….

Let’s skip an in-depth discussion of the physiological reason for the abortion and breast cancer connection, which is that abortion abruptly stops estrogen messaging to maternal breast tissue, causing developing lactation cells to go haywire.

Yes, let’s skip the overwhelming volume of worldwide studies proving the link.

Let’s discuss common sense. If nothing else, abortion should be included in Komen’s list of behavioral risk factors.

Komen acknowledges delayed child-bearing as a risk factor. Pregnancy provides a “protective benefit,” according to Komen.

Komen also acknowledges not breast feeding as a risk factor. Breastfeeding “offer[s] protection against both estrogen receptor-positive and estrogen receptor-negative tumors,” states Komen.

Does not abortion delay child-bearing? Does not abortion make breast-feeding impossible?
Therefore, should not abortion logically be considered a risk factor (due to the abortion and breast cancer link)?
[HT: reader Leslie]