A reporter from Focus on the Family’s Family News in Focus called yesterday about a story she’s preparing on the Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirts I reported on here and here December 14.
She said someone wondered in a production meeting yesterday morning how does Stanek find all her stuff? Her first question to me was exactly that, and I responded, “Tips, I get great tips. I hardly have time to do my own scouting anymore because I get so many good tips.” The A&F tip came from John Jansen of Pro-Life Action League.
So this morning moderator Jacqueline sent me a great tip based on the A&F-tipped post! Jacque gave me the link to this t-shirt on BustedTees.com:


At first glance, this t-shirt could be one promoting procreation. In fact, it does. But it doesn’t mean to. Here is the vile description of the shirt:
I still don’t get how the words on the t-shirt translate into that obviously low caliber, young male-written message. (Young males most support abortion, btw. No wonder.) Perhaps someone can explain.
I prefer my own translation, which makes the shirt clever and humorous.