Tell me again feminists are pro-“choice” and not pro-abortion. Tell me again they don’t push abortion.
Clearly the feminist community prefers mothers in unplanned or crisis pregnancies abort. What an odd turn of events if girls have decided to listen to only half their message: have sex like rabbits but not abort the bunnies?
jamie%20smile.jpgIf this is indeed a cultural shift, eugenicist Margaret Sanger will turn over in her grave. Her scheme will have backfired.
From The Star, December 20:

Could something as unglamorous as an unplanned pregnancy be Hollywood’s latest hot trend?
Earlier this week, Jamie Lynn Spears, the 16-year-old sister of Britney Spears, said she was expecting and plans to keep the baby.
She’s hardly alone. Lily Allen, Nicole Richie, Bridget Moynahan and Keisha Castle-Hughes are among the young stars who have recently announced surprise babies.

(Let’s take a quiz. How many of the aforementioned were products of comprehensive sex ed vs. abstinence ed?)…

And two of the year’s biggest movies, Juno and Knocked Up, deal with the same issue….

(Same quiz of movie characters.)

For some pro-choice advocates, the proud parade of surprise pregnancies is a cause for concern.
“It certainly shows any young women watching these movies or following these celebrities that the best option is to have the baby and it glorifies that choice,” Joyce McArthur of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada said Thursday….

(It was glorified throughout human history until McArthur’s s ilk began degrading it so as to make women into men, their definition of equality, oh, and also to make scads of money – millions, billions.)

“Single motherhood, for the average teenaged girl, is just about the least glamorous thing you can possibly imagine,” McArthur said. “It’s very, very difficult. There is just so much evidence out there to show the poor results from teenagers having babies, just all sorts of social ills for both the mothers and for the children.”

(Pro-lifers agree. But while McArthur solely promotes abortion as the solution, we promote abstinence, high-quality self child-rearing, or adoption. Which of those 4 is the least healthy choice?)

The apparently burgeoning trend has everyone from pro-choice activists like McArthur to feminist journalists and those in the blogosphere wondering about the conspicuous absence of a common option for women, both real and fictional, who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant: abortion.


In Juno… the teenaged title character only gives abortion passing consideration.
“The old-school feminist in me wishes Juno spent more time, even a tart sentence or two, acknowledging that the options taken for granted by this one attractive, articulate teen are in fact hard-won, precious rights,” Lisa Schwarzbaum of Entertainment Weekly wrote in her review of the film.
Others fear the success of Juno might even influence teenaged girls who find themselves pregnant….

(What’s wrong with that, for heaven’s sake? The author admits the other side discourages carrying a crisis pregnancy to term.)

McArthur says she found it disappointing that in Knocked Up, in particular, abortion was barely mentioned as an option – and when it was, it was presented as something too shameful to even ponder.
“It is Hollywood, I know, and Hollywood specializes in being unrealistic about things in general,” she said.
“But it’s just sort of being totally ignored as though no one would ever even think of doing that. But abortion is a very commonly resorted-to option for women, especially unmarried teenaged girls. It should be acknowledged that it’s an important and common option for women and, more importantly, that there’s nothing wrong with making that choice.”
On the Feministe blog, one commenter bemoaned how rarely a woman’s decision to abort a fetus is explored in the movies….

Hollywood may say abortion is politically correct, but by its action it shows that even there, it really is not. Hollywood risks losing money making movies about other countercultural topics like the war, but not so with abortion. It’s too disgusting for even them.