I reported December 23 that the pro-life group Families Against Planned Parenthood in Denver planned to picket the home of a Weitz Company official on Christmas morning. Weitz is the general contractor for PP’s new mega-abortion mill.
The picket recipient was Bill Hornaday, president of Weitz’s Rocky Mountain outlet.
A pro-abort commenter recently suggested that pro-aborts picket homes of pro-lifers. I responded that will never happen because pro-aborts have no drive or intestinal fortitude. You only see a sprinkling, if any, at a pro-life rally. Note, for instance, the Aurora PP protests, where pro-lifers consistently outnumber pro-aborts 1000:17 (or less). And forget it if the temperature drops below 70 or climbs above 80.
The photos below demonstrate the utmost of pro-life resolve: Picketing during a blizzard on Christmas morning. Whether or not you agreed with their strategy, you must admire their dedication.
UPDATE, 2:45p: One of the pro-life protesters informed me they protested five executives altogether: Bill Hornaday, previously noted; Gary Meggison, Weitz senior vp; Don Gendol, Weitz executive; Reid Goodman, abortionist; and Ed Kubly of Big R Construction.
See more photos on page 2.


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