2007 saw pro-lifers really begin to tap into the power of videos and YouTube to present our message. Who can forget the clips by seminarians at Institute for Priestly Formation in Omaha who spun Apple vs. Microsoft ads into witty NFP vs. contraception ads?

And who knew abortion could be satired? Well, abortiondoc did….

As for Aurora Planned Parenthood, I’m convinced theMSM would have ignored its magnitude were it not for bloggers and videos propelling the story. I counted 140 Aurora PP videos on YouTube, 75% of which were by pro-lifers Just today OpenLineBlog posted an outstanding video wrap-up of the Aurora PP debacle:

The Internet has opened a whole new world for pro-lifers to go around liberals and the MSM directly to the people. 2007 saw large pro-life growth in this area. Keep it up.

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