fence%203.bmpI’ve never known a city government to commit anarchy against itself, but now there’s Aurora.
City officials have ignored their own ordinances and zoning requirements to allow liar and thug Planned Parenthood to settle in after weaseling in, creating havoc and lowering property values. That was a great idea.
fence%201.bmpSo when I found out Dominick/Safeway’s temporary permit for its hideous temporary chain link ghetto fence expires tomorrow, I thought not to expect Aurora officials to suddenly become law-abiding and demand they tear down that see-through wall.
Dominick’s has owned a vacant lot across from the new PP mill for several years but suddenly erected the fence 9 days after PP’s opening.
But wait, there’s more anarchy to behold, on a grander scale….

Not content overthrow city law, Aurora officials have felt feisty enough to take on the U.S. Constitution.
Tomorrow, 9-10:30a, is the monthly protest at PP Aurora, an opportunity for Aurora police to once again use the First Amendment as target practice in their attempts to silence pro-lifers.
You’ll recall that at last month’s protest police went so far as to interrogate and threaten to arrest a man for praying while walking his baby on a sidewalk across the street from PP as his wife participated in the protest.
I think some who attend the protest tomorrow should change their minds about protesting after they arrive and instead walk up and down the sidewalk praying.
With a video camera.