slotman%201.gifNada Stotland, president-elect of the American Psychiatric Association, is a lesbian feminist who sits on the board of Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health.
An unbiased source to opine on post-abortive stress syndrome? Yeah, sure.
I googled Stotland after reading her shockingly calloused comments belittling men and women who suffer psychiatric after-effects of abortion in a January 7 Los Angeles Times story on men and PASS.
Stotland went so far as to say women who abort may be unstable. Yes, she said that, according to LAT….

Antiabortion activists have done that well, [Stotland] said. “They’ve succeeded in convincing a lot of the American public” that abortion leaves women wounded….
The concept of post-abortion trauma is hotly disputed. Several studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals suggest that women who have had abortions are more prone to depression or drug abuse. But the research does not prove cause and effect, Stotland said.
It may be, she said, that women who have abortions are more emotionally unstable in the first place.

Amazing, particularly coming from someone who thinks disallowing gays and lesbians from marrying inflicts “grave psychological harm.” Yet there can be no grave psychological harm from aborting one’s own child?
slotman%203.jpgNo, just the opposite, according to Slotman. A 1991 book she edited, Psychotherapeutic issues related to abortion, stated, “There is also evidence to suggest that… pregnancy and abortion contain the potential for maturation and personal growth.”
And there it is again, from the same book: “Women who continue to manifest negative psychiatric sequelae after 6 months almost always have preexisting psychiatric conditions.”
Conversely, Slotman testified in support of a bill before Congress to “expand studies looking at causes and treatment of postpartum depression,” according to WebMD.
Clearly Slotman has an agenda to make pregnancy look bad and abortion good, and she’s in a dangerous position to do just that. She is endangering men and women who suffer psychological consequences after abortion by stepping beyond invalidating their feelings, which is bad enough, to insulting those feelings.
[Photo 1 courtesy of the American Psychiatric Foundation; photo 2 courtesy of the Association of Gay and Lesbian Psychiatrists]