mccain.jpgSurprise. John McCain parsed words and made contradictory statements to reiterate support for human embryo experimentation last week, according to the Catholic News Agency, January 26:

Sen. McCain called his decision to back the research “a very agonizing and tough decision.”
He continued, saying, “All I can say to you is that I went back and forth, back and forth on it and I came in on one of the toughest decisions I’ve ever had, in favor of that research. And one reason being, very frankly, is those embryos will be either discarded or kept in permanent frozen status.”…

Referring to the recent break through in stem cell research which allows scientists to use skin cells to create stem cells, McCain said that, “I believe that skin stem cell research has every potential very soon of making that discussion academic…. Sam Brownback and others are very encouraged at this latest advance….”

McCain cited leftover embryos as his primary reason for supporting escr, of which there are, in actuality, few. Where was the reporter asking why this decision was “angonizing” and “tough”? McCain needed to say out loud he understands this is killing unwanted humans.
Then McCain said he hoped new discoveries would render escr unnecessary. So the problem of leftover embryos would return. What next would McCain propose to alleviate this problem, if he cares so much? Again, where are reporters asking these questions?
Finally, note McCain did not say he himself was encouraged by the news that researchers may have unlocked a way to make adult stem cells pluripotent like embryo stem cells. He said Brownback, a Catholic, was encouraged.
So don’t expect McCain to abandon support in that event.
I so hate the fact I have to dissect most politicians’ words.
The Republican I least want to see as the presidential nominee next to Rudy Giuliani is John McCain. Over and over McCain has betrayed pro-lifers, and badly, from McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform, which shuts us out of the political process close to elections, to the Gang of 14, when he neutered not only us but his own party.
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