pappas.jpgOuch. Marcia Pappas, president of New York State NOW, is getting skewered by her own side for skewering Ted Kennedy because he endorsed Barack Obama, which I posted on yesterday.
Here are some comments from the left-leaning Politico blog. Seems that their view of modern feminists, at least this one, is the same as mine.

This is really pathetic. The pro-choice community has been angered by the Clintons’ attempt to label Obama as not strong choice, etc. This is another attempt. According to these wackadoos, anyone who doesn’t support Clinton does so because they hate women. Yeah, right. Posted By: kickbuttdemocrat

Earth to NOW. Grow up now. Posted By: Mark


Reminds me of Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s eruption after Congress passed the 15th Amendment giving African-Americans (but not women) the right to vote: “Sambo isn’t ready for the vote” she said. It looks like 150 years later, we have come full circle. How dare the uppity Obama folks challenge Hillary? We are supposed to wait our turn – and maybe Massa’ Clinton will tell us when we can come out of the field and into the massa’s house. Thanks for nothing NY NOW. Posted By: Nate

I thought the basis of the women’s rights movement was equality! Are they saying that Kennedy should support HRC just because she is a woman? Posted By: Me

Wow. I’m a feminist and an Obama supporter and this is just ridiculous. Incidentally, this is as good an example as any of why many young feminists do not feel represented by NOW. Posted By: Young Feminist

Get a load of this press release from NY NOW on January 11th – Psychological Gang Bang of Hillary is Proof We Need a Woman President. Posted By: Jessica

Hilarious – what idiots. This comes from the Taylor Marsh school of feminism that falls into Rush Limbaugh stereotypes. What is their opinion of Caroline Kennedy? Has she lost her right to be called a woman after her endorsement of Obama? This statement makes them look like clowns. Posted By: Vik N


I always find it ironic that when Feminists get angry, they act like teenage girls. And I’m a woman. Hillary’s campaign really is Tracy Flick on steroids. Posted By: Wonk

This is sexism, plain and simple. They’re arguing that you should vote for a woman simply because she is a woman…. I could care less that [Hillary’s] a woman. I DO care about the fact she’s polarized the democratic party and has no chance of winning the general election in November. Posted By: Larry

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