amanda.jpgWell, this is a red letter day. Amanda Marcotte gets mentioned here twice. I see she also likes to wear red. Appropriate.
And there’s more symmetry. This is also the same day her former boss, John Edwards, will terminate himself from the presidental race, much as he terminated Amanda for being too liberal.
Which right there explains how far left Amanda leans.
Case in point, Amanda’s January 28 lambast against the March for Life, which included this gem:

[W]hy on earth are all those people standing around listening to speeches while their sex cells die unused inside them? A holocaust! Never mind the actual holocausts where people suffered and died, people with names, families, lives. You know, actual people. Once you start breathing and feeling, these supposed pro-lifers stop caring. I’d suggest they all go take a visit to the Holocaust Museum, which is in the same city as the march after all. Wonder if they could muster up some sympathy for victims of the actual Holocaust, or if real people just interest them less than potential people.

I wonder if Amanda has actually ever toured the Holocaust Museum. If she hasn’t, I’d recommend she steer clear near the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Sandy, MK, Jacque, and I arrived there January 21 when it opened at 10a, and the line of pro-lifers waiting to get in – mostly teens – stretched around the building. Our ticket into the exhibit was stamped 12:45p, so we had to wait nearly three hours.
Pro-lifers understand there’s quite the correlation between the Jewish Holocaust and the Abortion Holocaust.
And someday there will be an Abortion Holocaust Museum, perhaps in DC, although likely in Wichita.
And Amanda will find herself in it, as disgraced and on the wrong side of history as the Nazi prison guards who also enabled the killing of millions of innocent people.
[HT: reader Phil]

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