According to news sources, Rudy Giuliani and John Edwards are both planning to drop out of the presidential race today.
According to my ongoing poll, you expected this of Giuliani but thought Gravel on the Democrat side would quit before Edwards.
Color me surprised by the turn of two events following yesterday’s Florida primary.
no3.jpgFor social conservatives, our worst case scenario has evaporated, and much easier than I expected. Giuliani, the only overt social liberal, is gone. Big relief. Had he carried the nomination and then the election, the social conservative base of the Republican Party would have likewise evaporated or our status greatly diminished….

But our second-worst case scenario has come to the forefront: John McCain. I thought his candidacy was dead this summer and he kept things going for his ego.
McCain is a traitor to social conservatives and to the GOP. There is a reason moderates/independents like him. There is a reason Giuliani is anticipated to endorse him and Giuliani’s followers are to flock to McCain.
It appears social conservatives will now split their vote between Romney, Huckabee, and Paul, increasing McCain’s chances of winning the nomination all the more.
Am worried today, but this nomination process has been full of surprises, so I’m also hopeful.

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