bethany%27s%20baby.jpgAFP reports the French Supreme Court has ruled that parents have the right to name their miscarried or stillborn baby no matter what gestational age.
Before 3 mothers of earlier-term babies filed the winning lawsuit, French officials “insisted,” according to the story, that preborns be 22-weeks-old or 1.1 pounds to merit a name.
The ruling will also allow mothers to bury their babies rather than be forced to let hospitals incinerate them and let moms take maternity leave….

Abortion proponents are afraid the ruling may “raise[] potential conflicts about abortion and embryo research,” according to AFP.
The American feminist Women’s e-news fears, “[t]he ruling raises questions on the issue of ‘personhood’ for unborn fetuses and provides anti-choice forces a platform to challenge French laws on birth control and abortion.”
Yes, that certainly does reveal yet another abortion inconsistency. It’s getting harder and harder to carve out (pardon the pun) that abortion nonperson nook.
Reader Sandy is an expert on miscarriage law and reported in an email of her group’s failed attempt to pass a federal law that would simply mandate mothers be given disposal choice of their babies after a D&C or miscarriage. Wrote Sandy:

So much for women’s “choice” when it comes to giving grieving women “choices” how to respectfully bury or bless their much wanted babies. It is their body, their baby; it should be their “choice.”
I am so tired of the pro-abort agenda dictating to women and their families the right to what, why, when, where, and how based on their whacked sense of entitlement about pregnancy loss. They continue to throw women under the bus to save their “choice.”

[HT: via moderator Bethany; photos are of Bethany’s 6-week-old miscarried baby, who she and her husband named Blessing.]

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