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Last week Human Life International got a “nuclear reaction” to 3 billboards it erected in the capital city of Tanzania in East Africa, where condoms are promoted to stave off the AIDS epidemic. (The title is rewritten in Swahili.) Reported HLI…

On Tuesday, the main newspaper in Tanzania, The Citizen, ran a story on our billboards.
The article described people at “high-profile” anti-life organizations like United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS, Family Health International, Population Services International and others as “up in arms” … and government officials as “jolted.”
It said that the chairperson of the Tanzania Commission for AIDS was “furious”… and told of meetings… held with… the Prime Minister’s office to discuss an “urgent intervention” to suppress and censor our message!

They’re freaked because their failed plan is being exposed. Here is the latest (December 2006) map by the U.S. Census Bureau on the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the low risk population of East African countries:
east africa.gif
Obviously, Tanzania is overwhelmed by AIDS, while Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda are not.
The difference? The latter 3, particularly Uganda, have more successfully focused on the A and B aspects of AIDS prevention (abstinence, be faithful) than Tarnzania, which obviously promotes C (condoms), explaining why the HLI billboards hit a nerve.
HLI needs donations to keep the billboards up. Donate here.
[HT: John Mallon]

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