From My Fox Colorado, March 3:

Commerce City Police are investigating the discovery of a fetus at a wastewater treatment plant….


A routine walk-through by a plant operator turned up a sad discovery… found amidst piles of garbage and human waste….
“Based on the size, we guess, it’s was somewhere in the second trimester, somewhere between 4 to 6 months,” says Commerce City police officer, Lanissa Blevens.
Police suspect it was most likely flushed….
But police say they may have a possible suspect. And what charges she faces for discarding her fetus, depends on whether it was capable of living outside the womb.
“If it wasn’t viable, we’re looking at charges of abuse of a corpse, to possible concealment of death,” says Blevens.
If it was viable, the charges are much more severe, including possible homicide….

How can “it” be a “corpse”? Moreover, how can a blob of tissue be a “corpse”? But I digress.
Pro-abort responses to yesterday’s post, “Caskets for miscarried babies,” disgusted even me, and I have a high tolerance for ignorance. I awakened this morning to thoughts of those crude, cruel comments and decided to delete the lot of them. But alas, so many had already responded, I had to leave them on pathetic display.
I asked commenter and miscarriage expert Sandy to compose her thoughts on all this. Here they are….

The big secret is women deliver miscarried babies in homes, cars, workplaces, hotels, stores, on airplanes, and wherever and whenever a woman’s body decides to take action and naturally end a pregnancy.
With regret many women flush their babies down the toilet because they are afraid and don’t know what else to do, because they have never been informed what else to do.


Without knowing how this baby wound up in a sewage plant, one can only assume she was put there because the pro-choice movement dictated it….
They want the miscarriage experience to be kept hush, hush. They don’t want pregnancy loss and grief brought to the fore. The pro-choice movement has fought legislation to address issues of disposition.
With few exceptions, there are no laws or medical standards of care regulating the disposition of miscarried babies. Families are left on their own to discern how best to dispose of their babies’ remains. Hospitals routinely throw away babies as medical waste without parental knowledge if a D&C or induction has been performed.
Welcome, Heaven’s Gain, which provides a much needed service to families who want more options other than to toss a baby down a sewage plant.
As proven on the thread last night; and right on cue, the pro-choice movement steps in to disparage anyone trying to assist these families with CHOICES on how to care for the baby they lost.
Pro-choicers accuse this man of being a scam artist by taking advantage of people’s misfortune. But in their usual bad fashion, PCers steadfastly support those profiteering from desperate women getting abortions, including abortionists, medical personnel, contractors, medical suppliers, utility companies, waste disposal companies etc.
The service Heaven’s Gain provides will help those who seek out a burial for their little ones. About 20% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. About 25% of all women experience a pregnancy loss. In the U.S. there are just under 1 million miscarriages each year. Kudos to Heaven’s Gain for filling a much needed void.
Here’s a thought. Pro-choicers claiming to support women with whatever they decide is best for them, should make donations to Heaven’s Gain this year instead of Planned Parenthood. If they truly supported CHOICE, they would, to offer affordable or even free burial caskets for those families who make the CHOICE to bury their baby.

UPDATE, 5:15p: From the Denver Post, March 4:

The Adams County coroner’s office has determined that a fetus found in a Commerce City sewage plant filter was a boy 15 to 17 weeks old….
Authorities still do not know exactly how the baby died or whether it was viable outside the womb. An autopsy with specialized tests could determine whether the baby died from a miscarriage or an abortion when its completed in four to six weeks….
Earlier in the day Commerce City police were still looking for a woman they think might be the mother….
A 911 call led police to the woman, whom police have not identified. Police are investigating a number of possible scenarios, some of which could constitute a crime….
Steve Frank, spokesman for Metro Wastewater Reclamation District, said the fetus was caught in a screen that normally snags cell phones, toys and other large items that wind up in toilets.
He said this was not the first time the plant has made such a discovery.
“It’s not common, but it happens often enough that it’s not uncommon,” he said.

My guess? The mom was in the midst of an induced labor abortion, delivered a live baby at home, panicked, and called 911.
[HT for Fox and DP stories: reader Leslie]