A comment on RH Reality Check today from a mother who aborted her handicapped baby:

I… received the news that the fetus [I] was carrying was going to die – there was not one thing that could be done, he had no kidneys and a host of other problems. I was just a little more than halfway through my pregnancy when I received the news and after weeks of agonizing, chose to end my pregnancy through early elective induction. I held my son when he was born alive and kept him with my husband and I until he died peacefully in my arms.

There’s that choice. And there’s the choice to let God decide. MSNBC reported March 24 – in a well-done article, I might add – on the perinatal hospice movement, growing as doctors are able to diagnose more fetal handicaps earlier.
There are now 55 such programs nationwide, tracked here. One person involved in the movement estimated only 10-20% of mothers receiving a poor prenatal diagnosis carry their babies to term. That jumps to 40% if given hospice support.
Here’s the bottom line, quoting MSNBC

“It’s the worst news that anyone could get – that your child is going to die,” says [genetic counselor Cheri] Schoonveld. “These horrible feelings aren’t going to go away with a termination. But the flip side is that they’re not going to go away after a baby is born either…. ”
Having talked to mothers who aborted their handicapped babies, I’ve heard plenty of regrets. But I’ve never heard of a mother regretting her decision to protect and love her fatally ill baby until s/he naturally died. Here is 1 family’s story, from MSNBC:

[HT: readers Andy and Hannah]

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