blessing 1.jpgIt seems much longer than 14 months ago when I first met moderator and friend Bethany via email. She had just miscarried her 6-week-old baby she named Blessing. Bethany sent me her story and photos of Blessing, giving me permission to post them.
Many mourning mothers have since written to thank Bethany for posting Blessing’s photos. I just received another touching note this morning, also with permission to post…

I was surfing the web looking for answers, not sure of what to expect.
Well, 8 years ago I was only 14 yrs old and had a miscarriage in the school’s bathroom and was never sure what it was. I was in shock and was not sure if it was my imagination. But that image is always in my mind, especially in this time of year because it all happened around this time.
Well, today I decided to face my fear of finding out if what I saw that day was real or I had made it up like everyone said. So I decided to look for answers and stared surfing the web. One thing I knew was I was about 4 to 8 weeks, so I started looking for pictures of unborn babies and remembering what I saw.

blessing 2.jpg

8 weeks was too big and 4 weeks was too small, so I said 6 weeks. So I started looking for pictures of 6 week unborn babies and I saw the picture Bethany posted on line.
It hit me. It hurts so much, because I never had the chance to hold that baby or even cry for him there in the school’s bathroom. It happened so quick.
Thank you because now I know that was not my imagination. It was real life. It was my baby that I saw.
Bethany, I know this is your baby’s picture, but I would like a copy of it please, because that is the only memory I have of him or her. I now have 3 boys but still something is missing and no one can fill that space.
God bless you! You have a kind heart.

See more photos of Blessing below.
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blessing 4.jpg
blessing 5.jpg