On top of having frustrating site issues yesterday – my posts wouldn’t upload – I received a rejection notice from the Democrat National Committee for my request to attend its Denver convention as a credentialed blogger this August… :(
I applied last month, making the pitch that I represented a signficant minority in the Party, but alas, they say there is no room at the inn. Click to enlarge:
rejection notice.jpg

big tent.jpg
I’d be interested to see the traffic rank of blogs chosen over mine. Mine is now at 239,400. No brag, just fact, it must certainly rank in the top 100 of DNCC applicants.
But taking my rejection notice at face value, I have now applied to be credentialed for entrance into the Big Tent, sponsored by the DailyKos and ProgressNow among others.
I’ve made the same pitch.
If there’s no room for me in the Big Tent, I’ll have to assume the worst, liberal censorship.
But pro-lifers have grown accustomed to a shut-down of the marketplace of ideas on liberal blogs, particularly pro-abort blogs.

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