Reid lied, judges denied

On April 15, Democrat Senate Majority leader Harry Reid promised Senate Republicans the body would confirm at least 3 judicial nominees by the Memorial Day recess.
reid woah.jpgWell, recess officially began a few minutes ago, and Reid has officially lied. Since April only 1 nominee has been voted on, G. Steven Agee to the 4th Circuit, 96-0.
Yesterday came news that may be it for the year. According to CQ Politics:

The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee signaled Thursday that the window for action this year on appellate court nominees is beginning to close….

Citing what Democrats see as Senate custom on election year confirmations, Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-VT, said, “We may be too far into the Thurmond rule to move forward”….
Ten circuit nominees are awaiting action by the committee….
Leahy was referring to what Democrats cite as an informal custom, named after former committee Chairman Strom Thurmond… whereby no judicial nominees are confirmed in the latter part of a presidential election year without the consent of both sides. Republicans argue that there is no such custom.

Our side continues to sabre-rattle, which is way beyond tiring. I think part of the reason Americans don’t like Republicans anymore is because they don’t respect Republicans anymore. They view them as wimps who don’t stand up to obvious bullies. Reported Committee for Justice today:

This week brought two more reminders of the importance of the judges issue to GOP voters:

“When it comes to how they will vote in November, Republican voters say that the type of Supreme Court Justices a candidate would appoint is more important than the War in Iraq.” – Rasmussen Reports

“Item No.1 on the list of complaints from … conservative leaders is Mr. Bush’s failure to compel the Senate to vote on the federal judges he has nominated.” – Gerald Seib, Wall Street Journal

The Rasmussen survey also found that “by a 69% to 20% margin, voters [of all stripes] believe that judges should interpret the law as it is written,” and that only 11% of voters trust judges over voters or elected officials “to decide important decisions facing the country.” These findings help to explain why the judges issue has worked to Republicans’ advantage over the last decade. CA Supreme Court, are you listening?

reid sober.jpg

In truth, the responsibility for “compelling” Senate Democrats to allow up-or-down votes on the President’s judicial nominees lies primarily with GOP senators. And they undoubtedly have the Rasmussen survey results in the back of their minds as they consider their reaction to Majority Leader Reid’s broken promise to confirm three appeals court nominees before the Memorial Day recess, as well as Reid’s sure-to-be-broken earlier promises to meet the historical average (17) for appeals court confirmations in a president’s final two years. With just a couple of months left in the confirmation window, Reid is less than halfway to meeting that average.

13 thoughts on “Reid lied, judges denied”

  1. This is completely off topic but I just read on CNN that Ellen has asked McCain to walk her down the aisle!

  2. It’s okay, because one thing the United States does not need is more Bush appointees. Better to wait until the Democrats have the House, Senate and White House. THEN we’ll get some DECENT judges appointed.

  3. I think part of the reason Americans don’t like Republicans anymore is because they don’t respect Republicans anymore. They view them as wimps who don’t stand up to obvious bullies.
    Wow, I’ve never heard anyone describe the Republicans as “wimps.” Selfish, crazed, authoritarian, heartless, bloodthirsty, warmongering, stupid and worthless, but never wimps.

  4. Democrat politicians have no regard for truth or honesty, so why should their majority leader keep his word on anything?

  5. Good job, Senator. The last thing we need is more judges who think the USA should be governed according to biblical mandates rather than the Constitution.

  6. Why doesn’t Bush just break out his civil-rights-violating-torture-machine(TM) which liberals seem to be convinced he has to compell the senate to vote? Or maybe send a hurricane to wipe them out like he did in LA. (Ridiculous, unsubstantiated liberal claims are fun, aren’t they?) At this point I’d pay hard-earned American dollars to see Bush just cut the crap and punch Reid in his worthless, lying mouth. I bet that’d be plenty “compelling”.

  7. Thankfully we have had a number of good judges appointed and confirmed in the past eight years. There will be no uproar over Reid’s failure to keep his promise because the lib media goes along with him on this. As for the quality of appointments under an Obama or Clinton what we can expect are people willing to interpret laws according to what they feel they should mean, rather than on what the lawmakers actually legislated and the final product signed into law. The result, and we see it constantly, are rulings being appealed and overturned on account of a misreading of the law.

  8. Hey folks,
    Judges try criminals. If there is a profound lack of judges then all kinds of crooks will walk ‘because justice delayed is justice denied’. Will the US have more bad-guys walking your streets?

  9. Breaking news: Republicans shut down Senate

    I wrote May 23 that Senate Republicans were threatening to do something if Senate Democrats didn’t fulfill promises to confirm more judges. When I emailed a source asking what that was, the source responded, “As [Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell]…

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