blink.jpgThe investigation into illegal activity by a Planned Parenthood clinic in KS may be on the verge of breaking open. The other side is starting to blink.
The first blink came earlier this month when the KS Supreme Court unsealed a lawsuit Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri filed against Johnson Co. District Attorney Phill Kline for criminally investigating it. Light of day, yes.
Then yesterday saw a big blink, with KS Attorney General Steve Six retreating from a previous demand he had made of District Court Judge Richard Anderson to return potentially incriminating patient records to the AG so he could return them to the potential crook, PP….

In fact, taking his cue from PP, Six had incredibly sued Anderson to get them back.
But yesterday Six backed down, offering to let the judge keep the PP records, “but only until any lawsuits and the criminal case are finished,” according to the Associated Press, May 22.
Well, duh. If Six feared the judge planned to someday use them as wallpaper, the judge had previously allayed that concern when stating in a filing he had “no desire to be the permanent custodian of these records.”
Kline, who started all this by launching a 107-count criminal investigation against a PP abortion mill in Olathe, KS, had a LOL response to Six’s backstep, again quoting from the AP:

“I am pleased that the attorney general’s office has reversed course and now recognizes that redacted records, in which judges have found probable cause to believe that crimes have been committed, should be used in a criminal prosecution,” Kline said.

As Kline has doggedly pursued PP for 5 tough years, KS pro-abort elected and court officials have grown more blatant in their attempts to squelch his investigation into illegal late-term abortions and fraud at the PP mill.
Last week saw a new pinnacle in audacity: Without citing any legal authority or informing Kline, the KS Supremes ordered Anderson, one of Kline’s key witnesses, to defy Kline’s subpoena to testify in his case against PP.
Anderson is the judge who oversaw Kline’s investigation when Kline was attorney general. Anderson gave Kline permission to take copies of the redacted PP records to Johnson County when Kline was appointed district attorney.
Anderson also reviewed the PP records and found “serious” problems with their authenticity, among other concerns, so much that he asked a police handwriting analysist to evaluate them, who agreed they looked as if they’d been doctored, pardon the pun.
Anderson kept a copy of the records, which are the very ones Six wanted to give back to PP… until yesterday, marking the first time the AG’s office has backed away from aiding and abetting PP in its cover-up… a big break in this case.
Has Six decided the AG’s office can no longer cover for PP?
Kline had no idea the Supremes were blocking Anderson from testifying in his PP case until a few days ago. Click on the graphic below to go to the link to view his announcement he was motioning to intervene:

phill kline intervene.jpg

Some in the mainstream media must finally be growing suspicious of the party line. The AP wrote fair articles on the Kline/PP saga Sunday and yesterday, as did the Kansas City Star yesterday.

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